Office History

All the Presidents

Over more than two centuries, the following individuals have served as president of Washington College.

Wayne Powell (Interim)

Kurt M. Landgraf

Sheila Bair

Jack S. "Jay" Griswold

Mitchell B. Reiss 

Baird Tipson

John S. Toll

Charles H. Trout

Douglass Cater, Jr.

Garry E. Clarke

Joseph H. McLain

Charles Merdinger

Daniel Z. Gibson

Frederick G. Livingood

Gilbert W. Mead

Paul E. Titsworth

Clarence P. Gould

J.S. William Jones

James W. Cain

Charles W. Reid

Thomas N. Williams

William J. Rivers

Robert C. Berkeley

Andrew J. Sutton

Francis Waters

Richard W. Ringgold

Peter Clark

Timothy Clowes

Gerard E. Stack

Francis Waters

Joab G. Cooper

Hugh McGuire

Colin Ferguson

William Smith