First Destination Results Find that 92% of Recent Washington College Graduates Have Immediate Positive Career Outcomes

04/29/2022Mike Sosulski
2021 First Destination Survey results

The annual First Destination Survey results are in, once again revealing that the vast majority – in this case 92% - of Washington College’s recent graduates have positive career outcomes almost immediately upon graduation.

Those successful outcomes are defined as recent graduates who are employed in their chosen field, continuing their education, serving in the military or volunteering full-time. That figure also includes individuals who chose to take a gap year. Less than 10% of recent graduates are still seeking employment.

The First Destination data for the Class of 2021 was obtained through survey and ongoing follow-up conducted by the Career Center team during the nine months following graduation. This most recent result is based on a 93% knowledge rate, which includes information on 283 graduates.

It was really exciting to receive the results of our First Destination Survey from the class that graduated less than a year ago. It’s remarkable to see what kind of outcomes we get every single day, and all the ways that a Washington College education and the overall experience here is transforming people’s lives and setting them up for success, immediately after graduation.

The First Destination Results from the previous class of Washington College graduates saw a 91% rate for positive career outcomes, part of a larger trend of consistently impressive results by the liberal arts institution.

The goal of our institution is always for students to have a transformative experience, graduate in four years and then move right into their chosen career path, whether that means an entry-level job, a graduate school or some other kind of personal or professional development. It’s gratifying to see this consistently high percentage of graduates who are indeed launching into successful careers or post-graduate education placements immediately upon completing their education here.

It's important to also note that much of this post-graduate success is based on early engagement activities facilitated by the Center for Career Development. With a focus on self-assessment, career exploration, experiential learning and skill development, the First Year Career Awareness Program fully supports students. Through this programming they immediately begin to establish a foundation that incorporates career readiness components.

Examples of Career Center offerings available to students include class-specific programming, strengths development, mock and informational interviews, graduate/professional school advising, LinkedIn audits, interviewing preparation, networking strategies, and technology to support career exploration.

Washington College also places a high emphasis on hands-on learning through internships, which are facilitated either through the Career Center or one of the College’s Signature Centers – the Rose O’Neil Literary House, The Center for Environment & Society and the Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience. These experiential learning opportunities are a critical component of one of the College’s five pillars – Learn by Doing -- and are heavily funded so that every student can benefit from meaningful experiences that prepare them for life beyond campus.

In addition, all Washington College graduates have lifetime access to the Career Center’s vast resources.

The First Destination Survey is a standard survey tool used by institutes of higher learning. The goal is to capture information revealing how new graduates are faring in their careers less than a year after completing their education. In addition to providing outcomes for individual classes, the First Destination Survey is designed to provide trends data over time to inform the discussion about the value of higher education.

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