FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I check items out? What kinds of items can I check out?

A: Students may check out material for one semester; faculty may check out material for a full year.

Q.  Can I check things out over the summer? 

A: Absolutely. Please come speak to us about this at the circulation desk.

Q: Do you have fiction books?

A:  We don’t specifically collect for popular fiction at this time. We have some fiction in our collection, but we suggest you apply for a card and check out books and resources available at the Kent County Public Library.

Q:  Can I check out reference materials?

A:  No. Reference materials are interfiled with the regular collection and do not circulate.

Q:  Is my textbook for my class here? Do you have any textbooks?

A:  We do not usually collect textbooks for classes, but if your professor has assigned a non-traditional textbook for your class, we may have it.  Check OneSearch! For most of your textbooks, you will have to check with the bookstore.

Q:  My professor told me to get a book on reserve…where do I go to get it?

A:  Make sure you have your student ID and then stop by the main desk to request the book. We will keep your ID when you request to use the book.

Q:  What are your hours during finals week?

A:  We will announce finals hours closer to the end of the semester.

Q:  Is there a cafe in the library?

A: Sort of.  We have vending machines in "Sophie’s Cafe." There are snacks, and grab-and-go meals. Sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, chips and candy are all available, as well as study space looking out onto the beautiful Miller Library terrace. Hours for the cafe are different than our normal library hours.  Sophie’s Cafe is open 24/7 with WC ID card.

Where is this call number?