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Every Bookplate a Mystery


Clifton Miller Library’s Rare Book Room contains many books donated by other charitable libraries, former professors, alumni, and students. The bookplates tell the story of their former owners. However, many of the bookplates themselves are a mystery.

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Maryland Beaten Biscuits


One of the oldest Eastern Shore recipes is also one of the area’s most contentious. Variously called “Virginia”, “Delaware”, and “’Maryland’ beaten biscuits” depending on which state you happen to be in at the time, these biscuits are well-known in the region for their unique manner of being made.

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Behold this six-inch tall two-volume poem on Charlemagne’s conquests.

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Allie Reid's book list

The Notebooks of Allie Reid


Charles Reid served as Washington College’s 14th President and is responsible for instituting coeducation. It would then come as no surprise that his wife shared his academic pursuits.

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Norris Commodore

Norris Commodore, class of 1973


45’ 11”! Breaking his previous shot-put record of 43’ 3”, and 6 inches farther than the record set in 1929: even in 1971, Norris Commodore was making a lasting impression at Washington College.

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Striped Bass, or Rockfish, Maryland's state fish

Baked Rock


In the Maryland Special Collection, within the pages of an ordinary-looking spiral-bound church cookbook is a most unusual recipe: Baked Rock with Curry Stuffing.

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Flyleaf of Tigers is Only Cats by Sophie Kerr

An Evening with Sophie Kerr


Though Sophie Kerr is most known on Washington College’s campus for her endowment which funds the largest undergraduate literary prize in the United States, she was an accomplished woman with many interests.

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Arctic Exploration in the rare book collection


The search for the Northwest Passage, a route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic Seas, is what drove many 19th century early expeditions.

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