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May Day Reflections


Since its first celebration at Washington College in the spring of 1967, May Day has involved different traditions that have changed with the times. Last year, we covered the earliest May Day traditions, when free cases of beer were given to the first student arriving at the local liquor store sans clothing on May 1, and naked photos graced the pages of the Elm in the days following.

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Howard Dean

Digitizing our Audio-Visual Collection


The archives hold a vast amount of material and material types, some of which are easier to preserve and make accessible than others. Often it is the more recent items that have the most issues. The pages of an 18th-century letter book are made of sturdier material than a newspaper from the 1930s. A letter from the Revolutionary War will be readable for centuries while your emails will be lost to obsolescence in a few years. And a videotape from the 1980s… well, that requires some outside help.

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National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month


The American Library Association’s National Poetry Month poster this year features Maryland’s first African American Poet Laureate of Maryland, and just the second woman to hold the position, Lucille Clifton. The lines come from her poem, blessing the boats. She visited Washington College and gave a talk and poetry reading in March 1989 and received an Honorary Doctor of Letters in the 1989 commencement ceremony.

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Frank Adams in uniform

National Home Front Project - Meet Frank Adams


The National Home Front Project is a major grassroots initiative under the leadership of historians at Washington College. Our innovative oral history program partners with individuals, communities, and organizations across the United States to record, preserve, and share audio interviews with civilians who experienced World War II.

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John Barth

John Barth, local author and friend to Washington College


Renowned Maryland author John Barth, an innovative fiction novelist and literary essayist with strong ties to the Eastern Shore and Washington College, has died at the age of 93.

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Elm April Fool's edition

April Fools!


In celebration of April Fool’s Day, we present to our readers two truths and a lie about Washington College history and tradition. See if you can guess which are which! Just for fun, the lie will contain a grain of truth!

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