Jennie Rinehimer

  • Chair and Associate Professor of Biology

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Jennie Rinehimer


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B.S., Juniata College, 2008; Ph.D., Indiana State University, 2013.


My research focuses on avian behavior, ecology and thermophysiology.  I am particularly interested in how predators influence bird behavior and how perceived predation risk interferes with a bird’s ability to thermoregulate and maintain energy reserves in challenging thermal environments.  These studies are conducted on a variety of avian species in both the field and lab.


BIO 112: General Biology II

BIO 228: Ornithology

BIO 315: Ecophysiology

BIO 328: Behavioral Ecology

BIO 351: Evolution

BIO 294: Tropical Ecology (Winter travel course!)

BIO 100-30/31: Diversity & Adaptation

GRW-100-60: Biodiversity & Global Warming