The Play's The Thing!


Beginning this Friday, March 30, and continuing through April, come out and see WC seniors’ directing theses at the Tawes Theatre, featuring cast performances and crew support from Washington College students.

The Washington College Department of Theatre & Dance is pleased to present the Spring 2018 Senior Capstone Experience production schedule.
All performances take place at 7:30 p.m. in Tawes Theatre of the Gibson Center for the Arts. Reservations, while not required, are requested and can be made through Eventbrite:
Admission is free, but a $1 donation to the Kent County Food Bank is requested.

Stop Kiss by Diana Son A Senior Directing Thesis from Mark Christie March 30-31

Honorary Producers:  Kate Pynn Van Name ’91 and Joe Van Name ’90

Callie is a New York City traffic reporter who has spent her entire life avoiding confrontation and limiting change. Sara is a courageous teacher who chose to quit her job teaching at a Quaker school to take a more intense teaching job in a dangerous area in the Bronx. When these two women eventually meet, they share a kiss that changes their lives. Moving through time, Stop Kiss examines the growth and evolution of a relationship and how it impacts those around them.


Callie: Olivia Libowitz (Class of 2018): History w//creative writing minor

Sara: Mary Sprague (Class of 2020): English.

George: Pat Huff (Class of 2019): Environmental Science and Theatre.

Peter: Jake DiPaola (Class of 2021): Physics.

Det. Cole: Royce Foreman (Class of 2021): Business Management.

Mrs. Winsley: Meghan Mcpherson (Class of 2019): Anthropology.


Stage Manager: Julia Lado (Class of 2019): Theatre Major.

Ass. Stage Manager: Hannah Sauer (Class of 2020): Communications and Theatre.

Lighting: Katie Peacock (Class of 2019): Business Management and Theatre.

Sound: Patrick Salerno (Class of 2021): Theatre and Philosophy.

Set: Garrett Wissel (Class of 2019): English.

Props: Jake Sandler (Class of 2019): Communications.

Costume: Victoria Gill (Class of 2021): English and Theatre.

Hair and Makeup: Larissa Prezioso (Class of 2019): Biology and Environmental Science.

Dramaturg: Jackie Glenn (Class of 2019): English and Theatre.


Shakuntala by Kalidasa

A Senior Directing Thesis from Sofia Sidhu

April 6-7, Tawes Theatre

Honorary Producer: John Beck ’05 and Carol Landis ’06

Kalidasa’s Shakuntala is an ancient Indian myth about found, lost and found love. When two lovers, King Dushyanta and Shakuntala, are torn away from each other after a series of encounters with bad luck, they have no choice but to follow the separate paths fate has laid before them in hopes that they find each other again.


Stage Manager/ King Dushyanta: Shreyas Suresh (Class of 2018): Business and Economics.

Charioteer/Chamberlain: Ethan Hu (Class of 2021): Business Management.

Hermit/ First Hermit Youth/ Harita/ Attendant: Dayla Williams (Class of 2021): English w/minors in Creative Writing and Black Studies. 

Shakuntala/Actress: Samina Soin-Voshell (Class of 2021): Biology and Environmental Science.

Anusuya/ First Maid/ First Woman: Mahin Zaman (Class of 2020): Environmental and International Studies w/minor in Chemistry.

Priyamvada/ Second Maid/ Second Woman: Calisa Gayle (Class of 2020): Psychology and Spanish.

Madhavy: Jalelwak Tolessa (Class of 2019): Biology and Business.

Sage Durvasas- Derrick Carter (Class of 2021): Political Science.

Raivataka/Sharngarava/Januka: Jake DiPaola (Class of 2021): Physics w/minors in Creative Writing, Journalism and Editing.

Bhadrasena/Sharadvata/Suchaka: Kashope Akinsade (Class of 2021): Computer Science.

Second Hermit Youth/Pupil/ Fisherman/ Matali: Nina Tufon (Class of 2020): Sociology w/minors in Justice, Law and Society, and Theatre.

Karabhaka/Chaplain: Stephany Wilson (Class of 2020): Biology and Theatre.

Gautami/Mishrakesha/Voice: Regina Bothwell (Class of 2020): Psychology

Kanva/Chief Policeman-Heber Guerra: Recinos (Class of 2020): English w/minors in art and art history and Creative Writing

Boy: Richie Torres (Class of 2018): Clinical Psychology and Computer Science.


Stage Manager: Rachel Treglia (Class of 2019): Theatre w/minor in Math.

Asst. Stage Manager: Nic Job (Class of 2021): English and Theatre w/ minor in Creative Writing.

Prod. Asst: Will Rotsch (Class of 2021): Economics and Computer Science w/minors in Theatre and Information systems.

Dramaturg: John Leslie (Class of 2019): English and Theatre.

Scenic Designer: Michelle Ly (Class of 2021): Computer Science w/ minors in Information systems and Theatre.

Costume: Colin Higgins (Class of 2019): English and Theatre w/minor in Creative Writing.

Lighting: Melissa Sue Lopez Neely (Class of 2018): Business and Theatre.

Hair/Makeup: Abbey Wark (Class of 2018): Theatre  w/minors in English and Creative Writing.

Sound: Adam Ashcraft (Class of 2020): Theatre and Computer Science.

Fight choreographer: Simon Belcher (Class of 2018): Chemistry and History.

Props: Jackie Glenn (Class of 2019): English and Theatre.


The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity by Kristoffer Diaz.

A Senior Directing Thesis from Megan Iacona.

April 20-21, Tawes Theatre

Honorary Producers:  Mike Golze ’09 and Molly O’Connell ’10

Mace is a professional wrestler. He’s a really good professional wrestler. He’s not the champion though – that’s the impossibly charismatic Chad Deity. When Mace discovers a young Indian-American Brooklyn kid whose charisma rivals that of the champ, Mace decides to get him a job in the company. Only problem is, the boss has a very specific plan for the duo: put them onscreen as terrorists. Kristoffer Diaz’s The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity is a serious-minded comedy about wrestling, geopolitics, and raisin bread


Mace: Richie Torres (Class of 2018): Clinical Psychology and Computer Science.

Chad Diety: Connor Monroe Lugo-Harris (Class of 2018): Theatre.

VP: Kash Akinsade (Class of 2021): Computer Science.

EKO: Koy Langless (Class of 2019): Biology and Nursing/ minor in French.

Bad Guy: Cody Bistline (Class of 2019): Biology and Nursing/ Minor in French.


Stage Manager: Cassy Sottile (Class of 2021): English and History w/ minors in creative writing/editing and publishing/theatre.

Asst. Stage Manager: Jackie Glenn (Class of 2019): English and Theatre.

Set: Kelly Young (Class of 2020): Human Development and Theatre.

Lighting: Rachel Treglia (Class of 2019): Theatre w/minor in Math.

Asst. Lighting Designer: Rosie Alger (Class of 2018): Theatre and Anthropology.

Dramaturg: John Leslie

Costumes: Mari Mullane (Class of 2020): History with a minor in German.

Props: Victoria Gill (Class of 2021): English and Theatre.

Projection Designer: Adam Ashcraft (Class of 2020): Theatre and Computer Science.

Co-Sound Designer: Conor Maloney (Class of 2019): Music and Theatre.

Co-Sound Designer: Yisi Liu (Class of 2021): Math (not declared).

Light Board Op: Spencer Russell (Class of 2019): Computer Science  and Math w/minor in theatre

Sound Board Op: Colin Higgins (Class of 2019): English and Theatre w/minor in Creative Writing.

Backstage Crew: Michelle Ly (Class of 2021): Computer Science w/ minors in Information systems and Theatre.


The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance

A Senior Performance Thesis from Nate Krimmel

Directed by Brian Klose ’17

April 27-28, Tawes Theatre

The Elephant Man is based on the life of John Merrick, who lived in London during the latter part of the nineteenth century. Merrick, young and horribly deformed, has earned a living as a freak attraction in traveling sideshows. After being abruptly abandoned in Belgium, Merrick finds his way to London where he is admitted for observation to Whitechapel, a prestigious London hospital. Dr. Frederick Treves, a young, brilliant doctor, attempts to educate and socialize Merrick into London Society. However, as Merrick grows older, his condition worsens forcing him and others to understand that our most deeply held dreams, abilities, and beliefs are found internally.


John Merrick: Nate Krimmel (Class of 2018: Sociology and Theatre)

Mrs. Kendal: Anna Gjersten (Class of 2018, Psychology (behavioral neuroscience and clinical counseling) w/ a Minor in Dance)

Treves: Pat Huff (Class of 2019: Theatre and Environmental Science) 

Ross/Gomm: Danny Palmatary: Class of 2021: Anthropology and Music) 

Conductor/Snork/Lord Joh: Chris Saul (Class of 2018: Math and Computer Science Major  )

Pinhead/Countess/Sandwich: Emily Kreider (Class of 2020 : Communications and Media Major (Social Science concentration) with Minors in English and Creative Writing). 

Man/Porter: Joe Hood (Class of 2019: Anthropology)  

Pinhead/Princes:  Lori Wysong (Class of 2019: History) 

Pinhead/Dutchess: Mary Sprague (Class of 2020: English with a minor in Creative Writing)

Policeman/Bishop How: Seth Miller (Class of 2018: Anthropology) 


Director: Brian Klose (Class of 2017: Theatre)

Producer: Nate Krimmel (Class of 2018: Sociology and Theatre)  

Stage Manager: Shannon Lawn (Class of 2018: Anthropology)  

Asst. Stage Manager: Patrick Salerno (Class of 2021: Theatre and Philosophy Major )    

2nd Assist. Stage Manager: Conor Maloney (Class of 2019: Music and Theatre)  

Dramaturg: Abby Wargo (Class of 2020: English)  

Movement:  Professor AT Moffet

Movement Coach: Anna Gjertsen (Class of 2018, Psychology, behavioral neuroscience and clinical counseling))

Costumes: Lilly King (Class of 2018: Business Major with Minors in marketing and studio art)

Set: Olivia Libowitz (Class of 2018: History with Creative Writing Minor)-

Lighting:Katie Peacock (Class of 2019:  Theatre and Business Major)

Sound: Heidi Butler (Class of 2018: Music)

Props: Cassandra Sottile (Class of 2021: English and History Major, with minors in creative writing /editing/publishing and theatre)

Light Board Op: Abbey Wark (Class of 2018: Theatre Major)