Washington College Expands Mental Health Offerings


Implementation of Mantra Health’s whole campus care solution offers enhanced services

illustration of three cell phones showing Mantra Health Care Hub screens below logos of Mantra Health and Wahsington College

Starting this semester, Washington College has broadened its partnership with digital mental health provider Mantra Health to provide a holistic care continuum for students.  
Washington College students now have access to emotional wellness coaching, therapy, self-guided wellness lessons, and on-demand emotional support. Mantra Health’s clinically informed programs have been proven to increase engagement and boost outcomes and have earned the company outstanding reviews from students.
"At Washington College, students' well-being in mind and body is an essential aspect of our holistic approach to education and development," said Sarah Feyerherm, vice president of student affairs. "The new offerings the College is making available through Mantra Health will meet our students’ wide range of needs, and the variety of programs available will provide a supportive environment for their mental health and wellness care."
In addition to the offerings provided by the Washington College health and counseling services, Mantra Health will ensure students have accessible, equitable access to virtual mental health services.  
“We’re thrilled to be able to expand our offerings at Washington College,” said Matt Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Mantra Health. “With additional clinical and non-clinical services, Washington College students will have more pathways to care and greater access to mental health support, empowering them to engage in more help-seeking behaviors and take greater control over their care journeys.” 
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