Class of 2024 Graduates from Washington College


Cheers, and some tears, mark a celebratory day as 208 scholars complete their undergraduate journey.

Washington College graduates of the class of 2024 take the college green.

On a calm spring morning on the college green, the members of the class of 2024 graduated from Washington College. For a class who started their college journey remotely in pandemic-mandated Zoom classes, the in-person event held special appeal and meaning for the 241st class of Washington College graduates. They were chipper, cheerful, and reflective of the academic journey they were completing.  

The warm spring day lent itself to speeches of triumph and words of encouragement. Following the invocation and national anthem, College President Mike Sosulski commended the graduates for creating and participating in a community of support while on campus.  

“While you have benefited from many people in a caring community around you, the accomplishments, and triumphs you achieved here belong to you alone, as does the future you are each set to begin,” said Sosulski. “Whether in academics, athletics, or the arts, your successes at Washington College happened because of your effort, your passion, and your determination, all of which portends your future success as well."

Senior Class Speaker Grace Katherine Apostol spoke on the interconnectedness of the worldwide community of those following their passions and how all have ripple effects to encourage, shape and inspire each of us.  She ended her speech on a high note. “Washington College is small, but by God, it is mighty,” she exclaimed.  

The seniors were filled with anticipation for what was next and gratitude for their time at Washington.  

“This [graduation] is so rightfully deserved,” said Tiana Morel. “I graduated high school during the pandemic so this surreal. I got a lot of experiential learning here as well as opportunities for internships and research. It was a really enriching experience.” After starting her new full-time job as a therapeutic aide with Support by Design, Morel plans to get a dual masters and then pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. 

John DeSoto from Belair, Maryland, was ready to be done and move on to the next step in his journey, which is working for a defense contractor full time. “It made me prepared,” DeSoto said of his experience at Washington, attributing his skillset to his professors.  

Sophie Kerr Prize finalist Dante Chavez attributed his success in college to his parents’ support. “To get here is just a great feeling to give my parents. This is the best gift I can give them. That’s what’s coming out of this day for me,” said the Baltimore native.  

Parents and grandparents, cousins, siblings, and friends filled the rows of seats on the college green early, many of them sharing in the excitement as they waited for their graduates to emerge from the Toll Science Center.  

Aailyah Herbert’s parents beamed with pride as they shared news of their daughter’s acceptance to graduate school at the University of Maryland. “We’re just honored,” said her father, Melvin. “She really enjoyed her time here.”  

Abigail Collins’ grandmother was so elated for her granddaughter’s achievement she was beyond words. “I’m a babbling idiot today,” she exclaimed. “Abby succeeded. We’re just so proud.” Her grandfather seconded Abigail’s endeavors as worthy of praise, noting happily that she was already employed with the Department of Homeland Security.  

As the ceremony continued, Stephen Golding '72, outgoing chair of the Washington College Board of Visitors and Governors, delivered greetings from the Board and read the Mandamus for the keynote speaker’s honorary degree. Before introducing the speaker, Golding took care to relay the value of a liberal arts education to the graduates, calling the diplomas being handed out that day “a promise and affirmation” for their recipients’ futures. 

“I met my life’s partner here and the College has played a significant role in the lives of my daughter and nephew. I have seen the value of a Washington College liberal arts and sciences education through several different lenses,” said Golding. “My father once told me that the magic of a college experience is that you embrace what it offers.  By all accounts you have taken maximum advantage of the opportunity offered and are now deemed ready to face whatever life’s future may throw your way – well done!”   

Eight-time GRAMMY-winning musician and renowned radio host Christian McBride was the keynote speaker. He regaled the crowd with stories of his adventures in a career in jazz and his thoughts on what makes someone successful - moments of embarrassment, perseverance, and “working hard even when you think no one else is watching.”  

In sharing his journey to becoming the artistic director for the Newport Jazz Festival, McBride encouraged hard work above all. “Someone is always paying attention,” he said. “And they are watching how hard (or how little) you are working.” He added that this class of graduates was well on its way to greatness.  


Washington College Highest Honors and Prizes   

announced during Commencement  

 Faculty Awards 

  • Alumni Association Distinguished Teacher Award - Emily Steinmetz from the Department of Anthropology & Archaeology 
  • Carolyn Emory Golding '74 Junior Faculty Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Award - Meghan Grosse from the Department of Communications and Media Studies 
  • Stephen T. Golding '72 Faculty Leadership Award -  Kevin McKillop from the Department of Psychology 
  • Gold Pentagon Award - Kim Lessard, Aquatic Director, and Assistant Athletic Director 

Senior Awards 

  • Jane Huston Goodfellow Memorial Prize - Sarah Marie Cangialosi 
  • Gold Pentagon Award - Grace Katherine Apostol 
  • Sophie Kerr Prize – Sophie Foster 
  • Louis L. Goldstein, Class of ’35 Award - Mackenzie Noelle Boughey 
  • Eugene B. Casey Medal - Jordan Nicole Fairchild 
  • Henry W.C. Catlin, Class of 1894 Medal - Anna Marie Marshall 
  • Clark-Porter Medal - Kamden Barbara Richardson 
  • George Washington Medal and Award - Delaney Griffin Runge 



Photos from Washington College's 241st Commencement

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  • Christian McBride and President Mike Sosulski pose on steps. [photo]
  • A graduate waves after receiving her diploma. [photo]
  • A graduate fist pumps after receiving his diploma. [photo]
  • Students process in to commencement. [photo]
  • Students process in to commencement. [photo]
  • A graduate waves after receiving her diploma. [photo]
  • Students smile before taking their seats. [photo]
  • A member of the audience holds a giant picture of a baby's head. [photo]
  • A graduate waves after receiving her diploma. [photo]
  • The platform party poses on the steps of Bunting. [photo]
  • Students laugh in their seats at commencement. [photo]
  • Students cheer while holding up a Phi Delta Theta flag at commencement. [photo]
  • Students pose for a photo after commencement. [photo]
  • Students pose for a photo after commencement. [photo]
  • Students recess from commencement. [photo]
  • Students recess from commencement. [photo]