WC Alum Antoine Jordan Returns as Director of Student Engagement


Antoine Jordan just added one more title to his already lengthy Washington College resume – full-time staff member. The 2012 graduate recently filled the role of Director of Student Engagement


Antoine Jordan just added one more title to his already lengthy Washington College resume – full-time staff member. The 2012 graduate recently filled the role of Director of Student Engagement, where he will oversee all of the student clubs and organizations on campus, and help plan major student events throughout the year.

Having kept an eye out for opportunities at the College over the years, Jordan was attracted to the opportunity to be of service to the students.

 “That’s really my mantra – how can I be of service,” he said. “The College gave me so much both personally and professionally and I’ve always looked for ways to give back.”

Jordan spent the last several years at 2U, a higher education technology company, where he thrived as an Admissions Counselor. Prior to that, he worked with the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., where he was part of the Events Team.

When he saw the opening for this position, he felt it aligned so well with all that he’s learned and achieved in these professional experiences that he just had to go for it. “It really felt like a fun way to combine my skills and experiences and bring them home,” he said.  “So I just said, ‘That’s it! I’m going for it!’”

He feels lucky to be the person chosen for this important job. “From the moment I drove over the bridge into Chestertown back when I was in high school, I knew Washington College was something special,” he said. “And now to be back here and in a position to help our wonderful students grow and discover new things and build connections that they’ll carry with them for life, well that’s really something I have profound gratitude for.”

Now that he is officially installed in this dream position, the 31-year-old has a very clear priority #1 – Orientation -- and a very clear goal for it, which is to create a robust and exciting orientation experience to help students understand what Washington College is all about.

“First-year students need to find out what college life is, right from day one,” he said. But he was also quick to acknowledge that due to COVID, there is a junior class that has maybe half a semester of real campus life experience, and an incoming sophomore class with virtually no experience. Which is why he’s equally dedicated to creating a great student experience for everyone.

“For first-year students, I want them to know that they are about to start four amazing years and I want to show you how it’s going to change your life,” he explained. “But we also want upperclassmen to feel included and connected.  They have had such limited exposure to campus, and they deserve to come back to a campus that’s alive with energy and opportunity.

“I want students to have wide open opportunities to run with whatever they want to run with,” he added. “I’m excited to help facilitate that, and I think I have a unique perspective as an alum. I know what the student experience is and what it can be. COVID upended everything, but it’s also left us with a blank slate that lets us now try new things and build on old traditions.”

He considers himself a resource for everyone on campus, and is looking forward to working with other teams to create meaningful events and programming – particularly since he already has established relationships with some members of both the faculty and the staff. “I’m a fresh face, but also part of the old guard in some ways,” he said. “It’s a great foundation to build upon.”

“We all have the same goal, which is for every Washington College student to have a wonderful, fruitful experience,” he added.

As a student, Jordan took full advantage of those same types of opportunities he wants to make sure today’s students have. He was a double major in International Studies and Drama, and his extra-curriculars included serving as a Peer Mentor (a program he will now help lead), membership in WACapella and the Vocal Consort, SGA Senate and Honor Board, Cater Society, Presidential Fellow, Theater, a Study Abroad experience with the Hansard Scholars Programme in London and a student worker in the Campus Events office. He also held membership in several other Honor Societies.

Originally from Frederick, MD, Jordan has a twin brother, Stephan, who attended Washington College as well. The two were roommates all four years at WC, and served together as Peer Mentors.

Jordan currently lives in Annapolis, MD with his fiancé Trenton, their Italian Greyhound named Dolce, and their retired racehorse, aptly named...George.