Chesapeake Heartland Community Curation Fellowship

Community Curation Fellowships will allow smaller organizations, community groups, artists, teachers, and mentors to develop public humanities projects and programs in collaboration with Kent County community members, groups, and/or institutions.

Digitization and interpretation efforts might take the form of workshops, events, exhibits, documentaries, concerts, and performances. Toward the end of the year, each fellow will make a presentation along with other fellows, community members, and project stakeholders. Proposed projects should be collaborative and the proposed budget should reflect such collaboration: fellows may apply for up to $5,000 for the entire project, of which a maximum of $3,000 can be applied to an individual stipend with the remainder covering additional project costs including wages and stipends for collaborators. Fellows will serve as project managers and work closely with the Starr Center to administer and track expenses.

The deadline for the 2021-2022 Heartland Community Curation fellowships has ended. Please check back in March 2022 for the next application. 

Eligibility: Project must include substantial collaboration with Kent County community members, groups, and/or institutions. To learn more about the Chesapeake Heartland’s mission and goals, please see the FAQ document

Visit the Chesapeake Heartland Website for more information and the application.