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Research with CES

At CES, our undergraduate students participate in hands-on research, learning new skills, impacting real-world problems, and making connections with other researchers in the field.


Grasslands Research

Hannah McCarthy '23, Environmental Studies major, was one of three students who studied the breeding biology of Field Sparrows in the experimental grasslands at the River and Field Campus this past summer. These students are investigating whether older more experienced sparrows make “better” parents than first time breeders. Summer field experiences like these allow students to collect actual data used for scientific analysis, building skills that will serve them well should they pursue a career in field biology.


Migration Monitoring

Sara Canas ’23, a double major in Biology and Environmental Science, is a part of the Eirik A. T. Blom Internship program, in which student interns assist in monitoring spring and fall migrations at WC's Foreman's Branch Bird Observatory (FBBO). There, students learn to identify and handle wild birds under the guidance of federally-licensed staff, untangling birds from mist nets, measuring birds, and recording data. Interns gain insight into the uses of bird banding data, which is collected for use not only at FBBO,  but also at USGS' Bird Banding Laboratory, where the data is made available to all researchers.


Bird-Safe Glass Testing

Libby Witham ’23, a double major in Biology and Environmental Science, interns with CES' Bird-Safe Glass Testing Program. In partnership with American Bird Conservancy, WC runs an official test site for the American Bird Conservancy, hosting one of only two tunnels designed to approve products that will reduce glass collisions, a leading cause of bird death worldwide. In just the first season, the College ran over 2,500 test flights and sent critical data back to ABC that helped gain approval for 10 new bird-friendly glass designs, which are in use by manufacturers in the U.S. and around the world.




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