New Leader Takes Helm of CES Advisory Board

    May 19, 2023

    Ann Horner ’80, an emeritus member of the College’s Board of Visitors and Governors and longtime CES Advisory Board member, has stepped into the role of CES Advisory Board chair, succeeding Clinton Daly.

    About her long involvement with the Center, Horner said, “I’m excited to see the great work continue...I think the team at CES is phenomenal. It’s a team that has always fought above its weight. It does amazing things.”

    Ann Horner

    Her first priority in her new role will be to work with the Center Director Valerie Imbruce, Ph.D. to develop a new strategic plan. She explained, “We have an incredibly rich base of assets here—the Semans-Griswold Environmental Hall, the River and Field Campus, and a very strong Environmental Sciences Department within the College. I think we have proven, over the many years under John Seidel’s leadership, there’s no shortage of good ideas. Without a really robust strategic plan, it’s really hard to prioritize those ideas and really ensure that you line up your resources to maximize your effectiveness in executing those ideas.” 

    Ann had a long career serving as the managing director with the UK subsidiary of DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company and as a director and executive of Bourne Leisure, a British company that owns vacation resort parks. In addition to her degree in Biology from Washington College, she holds an MBA from Wilmington University. Ann also serves as a trustee with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

    “We have an incredible foundation to build upon for the future. The College community has embraced the environment as a keystone of what Washington College is, and I think CES is poised to be at the nexus of all of that good work,” Horner remarked.