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Past Is Present Archaeology Lab

The Past Is Present Archaeology Lab (formerly the Public Archaeology Lab) supports the students, staff, and faculty of Washington College, as well as members of the public who want to learn more about our past through archaeology. It is a home base for a variety of research projects, where we work to piece together the history of our region.

The fully equipped lab at 210 S. Cross Street in Chestertown includes exhibits, study collections of artifacts, a reference/research area, and artifact storage space. It gives students access to a collection of archaeological journals, reports, and an array of research texts and materials.

Whether processing artifacts recovered from one of our excavations, examining historic documents, or simply connecting with other students interested in field, there’s always something to dig into in the Past Is Present Archaeology Lab.

We have a number of paid internships that allow students to learn and gain experience, while building a resume that sets them apart from their peers. Work includes basic lab processing, original research, and fieldwork opportunities. There’s no substitute for gaining hands-on experience in a supportive and friendly setting, working one-on-one with experienced professional staff whose primary objective is your professional development.

Whatever your interests, contact Liz Seidel by email ([email protected]) or by phone (lab: 410-810-7164, cell: 410-708-6024) to learn how to get involved!