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  • Faculty Focus: Oros on Japan
    Japan’s leadership wants the country’s military to take a greater role in its global security, a goal in alignment with the new U.S. administration’s push for its allies to do more. Andrew Oros’ new book, Japan’s Security Renaissance, is perfectly timed to examine how this change is happening.
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  • A Good Walk Unspoiled
    This summer, the College will mark the 20th anniversary of its Kiplin Hall program, a three-week course devoted to examining the works of the Romantics and walking in their footsteps through England and Ireland.
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  • Granting More Innovation

    A state program that targets higher education innovators in science and technical fields has, for the second time in as many years, granted Washington College nearly $1 million for a new endowed chair, this time for the Eastern Shore Food Lab.

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  • History Unearthed
    Anthropology professor Chuck Fithian shares his vast collection of artifacts with students in his Material Culture class.
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