Senior Class Gift

    The Senior Class Gift (SCG) is a student-driven fundraising event that raises money among the senior class to support specific aspects of Washington College. 

    If funds donated reach $1000 total, our collective gifts will be recognized by a Class of 2024 plaque on the donor wall. Please join us in this celebration of the last 4 years at Washington College, leaving the campus and community just a little better off than when we arrived.

    A message from your class officers:

    Class of 2024 –

    The impact our class has had on the Washington College community has extended across academics, athletics, Greek Life, campus clubs, and more. So, it is difficult to choose a single initiative to donate towards as a class gift. Our gift will reflect our class’s diverse interests and passions. By choosing a unique organization or area on campus to donate to, you are personally contributing to the betterment of that element of the College community! The possibilities of this gift are endless and will benefit multiple areas of campus, just as our class has! Join us in bettering the Washington College community one donation at a time!



    Your Class of 2024 Officers

    How do I make my gift? 

    Use the form below and select Other from the drop down menu. Then type in any department, athletic team, or program you might wish to support.  Consider a gift of $20.24 to celebrate your graduation year!  


    Why should I donate? 

    To begin the tradition of giving back to our soon-to-be alma mater. In the past four years, we were part of organizations, clubs, academic programs, and athletic teams that have made a significant difference in our lives. It’s now time to show how grateful we are by ensuring that future generations have the same experience.  

    Where does my donation go? 

    You can give to what is most memorable to you — to your WC fam! It may be to a club/organization, academic program, or athletic team. Can’t pick one because everyone at WC was your fam? Consider giving to The Washington Fund, which supports the College’s most pressing needs, such as student scholarships.