Senior Class Gift

    The Senior Class Gift (SCG) is a student-driven fundraising event that raises money among the senior class to support specific aspects of Washington College. This year the SGA has chosen to support an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) centric project to make a tangible difference for students in years to come:  

    The Miller Library Terrace 

    Currently the ramp is so steep it is not to code and both the Cater Walk entrance and the South entrance to the Miller Library terrace are not designed to be accessible by ALL.  

    Your gift will be counted towards the improvements and will be recognized by a Class of 2023 plaque on the donor wall. Please join us in celebration of the last 4 years at Washington College and as the Class of 2023, leaving the campus better than we found it. 

    In Partnership, 
    Your SGA 

    Reimagining Miller Library Terrace  

    Cater entrance to terrace before and afterThe Cater Walk entrance to the Miller Library Terrace will be leveled to improve accessibility and safety.

    South entrance to terrace before and after

    The south entrance to the Miller Library Terrace will have an enhanced staircase and ramp, leading to renovated spaces for outdoor classes and performances.

    How do I make my gift? 

    Use the form below and select The Miller Library from the drop down menu. Any amount $5 or more will be counted towards participation, or a gift of $20.23 will celebrate your graduation year!  


    Why should I donate? 

    To begin the tradition of giving back to our soon-to-be alma mater. In the past four years, we were part of organizations, clubs, academic programs, and athletic teams that have made a significant difference in our lives. It’s now time to show how grateful we are by ensuring that future generations have the same experience.  

    Where does my donation go? 

    You can give to what is most memorable to you — to your WC fam! It may be to a club/organization, academic program, or athletic team. Can’t pick one because everyone at WC was your fam? Consider giving to The Washington Fund, which supports the College’s most pressing needs, such as student scholarships. Or this year consider making your gift to The Miller Library Project. 

    Library Terrace Goals

    • Improve Accessibility and Slipping/Tripping Hazards
    • Sustainability
    • Provide Outdoor Classroom and Study Spaces (Classes of 10-25)
    • Accommodate Events and Performances
    • Preserve Existing Trees
    • Introduce Wood Materials for Comfort and Aesthetics
    • Outdoor Sculpture/Artwork
    • Educational and Donor Signage