Information for Parents & Families

    Important information for returning parents accessing student grades, bills, financial aid, and tax info:

    Washington College has upgraded its security system. If you were granted access by your student to view grades, bills, financial aid, or tax information before June, 2019, you must complete the following steps to continue that access.

    1. Browse to
    2. Enter the following information:
      1. Legal First Name
      2. Legal Last Name
      3. Date of Birth: the STUDENT’s date of birth, not yours
      4. Zip: YOUR ZIP code, not the student’s. If you live outside the US, enter 21620
      5. Colleague ID: This is your user ID minus the first letter
    3. Click SUBMIT
    4. Follow the prompts on screen to set up security questions and your password.


    After setting up your access, you may view the student’s information any time as follows:

    1. Browse to
    2. Sign in with your username and the password you chose.
    3. When the “Person proxy” window appears, choose the student’s name (not your name)