Auditing a Course

    Interested in auditing an undergraduate course? Here are the steps for alumni and non-matriculated community members.

    When to Sign Up

    After all matriculated students have registered, remaining seats open up to dual enrollment, non-matriculated employee, and continuing education registration. 

    Registration opens in mid-April for Fall enrollment, and mid-November for Spring enrollment. [Is this accurate?]

    How to Sign Up

    • Determine what course you'd like to audit by visiting [XXX]. Audited courses are subject to pre-requisites.
    • Complete the Non-degree Student Registration Form (PDF) and email to [email protected].
    • There are slightly different processes for dual enrollment students and employees / employee dependents.
    • For language courses, there is an extra step of working with the instructor to confirm language placement. 
    • When confirmed, the Registrar's Office will send you  onboarding information and notify Financial Aid about your enrollment. 
    • A bill for the course will be issued by Accounts Receivable. [Is there an approximate cost range for auditing we can include?]


    Please contact the Office of the Registrar with inquiries about auditing courses.