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What is the SCE?

What is the SCE?

 A year-long (or more!) opportunity to work with a faculty member, one-on-one, on a major project in your major.  Whether you are designing an experiment, creating an artwork or performance, undertaking original research, diving into the archives, conducting a study, or writing a senior thesis, your faculty advisor guides you through the process while giving you the independence to blaze your own intellectual path.

 How the SCE Benefits Students

“I think it promotes ownership for students and gives them a sense of how much they can achieve if they plan ahead. I also think allowing students to work one on one with faculty is important.”

Melissa Deckman, Professor of Political Science


“No matter what work one pursues, the process for making meaningful contributions and changes to the world around you includes exactly the skills required by an SCE.”

Janet Sorrentino, Associate Professor of History


“By completing a capstone, using learned skills of research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and clear communication, students complete the progression from consumers to creators of information.”

Michael Harvey, Associate Professor of Business


“The SCE allows students to fully understand the growth, both intellectual and personal, that they’ve experienced at Washington College. It is a way to ask them to establish their independence as thinkers and citizens.”                           

Katherine Maynard, Professor of French (Department of World Languages and Cultures)


“It validates for the student that his/her own initiative, creativity and critical thinking skills can contribute to a larger discussion/debate about problems/questions/issues.”

Aaron Lampman, Associate Professor of Anthropology


“The SCE provides our students the opportunity to build a bridge between their college learning and the next phase of their lives.  A liberal arts education demands that our students integrate all facets of their education; the SCE provides the students the opportunity to see how effective they were at doing this.”

Michele Volansky, Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance


“The SCE allows a student to simultaneously apply knowledge and skills from many courses while taking control of the process and outcome.

Gabe Feinberg, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science


“The Senior Capstone Experience is the culmination of what a liberal arts education is about. Over the course of four years, I expect our students to grow as the well-rounded graduates companies, academic and governmental institutions are eager to hire. The overarching goal of the SCE is that students gain independence as researchers and ultimately transform themselves into teachers and peer-reviewed authors over time.”

Anne Marteel-Parrish, Professor of Chemistry