Celebrating Our Senior Capstone Experiences (SCEs)

During the months of November and April we celebrate the Senior Capstone Experience, the culmination of each student's individual learning journey. A signature aspect of a Washington College education, students spend a year or more researching, prepping, and executing a self-directed project with the help of a faculty mentor.

Scholars Unite!

Come out and support your peers' undergraduate research. As part of their work, students present their research and creative activity in performances, installations, poster sessions, lightning talks, studio sessions, film screenings, or symposiums. 

Senior Capstone Experience Highlights

What does an SCE entail, who better to tell you than some of our students! Hear from our seniors about how they experienced their SCE Journey. 


Why Senior Capstones?

Overwhelmingly, Washington College faculty say that the following skills that employers seek are “Extremely important” to successful completion of an SCE:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Synthesizing information and constructing an argument
  • Work ethic and initiative
  • Written communication skills
  • Research Skills
  • Time management and long-term planning
  • By completing a capstone, using learned skills of research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and clear communication, students complete the progression from consumers to creators ofinformation.—Michael Harvey, Business

  • The SCE allows a student to simultaneously apply knowledge and skills from many courseswhile taking control of the process and outcome.—Gabe Feinberg, Mathematics and Computer Science

  • The SCE gives [students] a concrete project to talk about during job/graduate school interviews.—Audrey Weil, psychology

  • A capstone project helps students to tie together and integrate their learning across the liberal arts. This allows students to independently navigate their liberal arts education and make meaningful connections across the curriculum. This self-driven project is just the first steptoward the independent leadership they will execute in their future careers.—Caddie Putnam Rankin, Business

  • The Senior Capstone Experience is the culmination of what a liberal arts education is about. Over the course of four years, I expect our students to grow as the well-rounded graduates that companies, academic and governmental institutions are eager to hire. The overarching goal of the SCE is that students gain independence as researchers and ultimately transform themselves into teachers and peer-reviewed authors over time.—Anne Marteel-Parrish, Chemistry

  • It is the culmination of a diligent research process. It validates for the student that his/her owninitiative, creativity and critical thinking skills can contribute to a larger discussion/debate aboutproblems/questions/issues.—Aaron Lampman, Anthropology


Washington Review - Senior Capstone Issues

The Washington College Review is a journal that recognizes the best inquiry and expression in the liberal arts and sciences. We publish work that emerges from the four requirements of our college-wide writing program and is deserving of wider availability to readers in the Washington College community and beyond. We also feature Artwork by students working in a variety of graphic media. Every spring, the journal features stories (and artwork) across the disciplines related to the Senior Capstone Experience. 

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