Students aboard the Sultana.

Presidential Fellows

Chances are if you’ve come to this page, you’re different. Maybe your spark burns brighter. Your passion for making a difference pushes you to reach higher. Your dreams—whatever they may be—drive your commitment to learning deeper.

Who are the Presidential Fellows?

Each year, Washington College offers select first-year applicants membership into the Presidential Fellows. They’re students who’ve demonstrated a commitment to high-level academic achievement and intellectual rigor. They’re curious, ambitious, and highly motivated, willing to work hard and be active participants in their education and the College community. 

Why do they choose the Presidential Fellows program?

For the free dinners, of course! (Just kidding.) True, there are perks like sailing trips on the Chester River and elegant dinners with President Kurt Landgraf and members of the College’s Board of Visitors and Governors. But the main reason students become Presidential Fellows is because it can give them a leg up in their college, post-grad, and professional careers. Of the 35 seniors inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in 2015, over one-third were Presidential Fellows. 

How does the Presidential Fellows program help you go farther?

You already know that at Washington College you’ll benefit from small classes and personal attention from your professors. As a Presidential Fellow, get ready to ramp this up. You will immediately be introduced to other students of like mind, dedication, and ambition—a tight, academically focused community within the larger College community. You’ll be paired with faculty advisors who thrive on working with students like you, who will help you maximize your academic schedule and point you to cool opportunities like internships, honors, and fellowships. Those fun perks like dinners with the President and tours to the State House? They all have the broader goal of giving you face time with a distinguished company that includes technology entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 company leaders, cutting-edge scientists, and honored academics. Want more details? Click here.