Why Theatre?

Whether you long for the spotlight or prefer to hide in the shadows, you’ll find a home here.

Breadth & Depth

The Theatre program provides a broad base of theatrical knowledge through introductory and advanced courses in acting, directing, design, technical production, and theatre history. We also offer recurring electives in areas such as playwriting, dramaturgy, adaptation, improvisation, stage management, and arts administration.

A Raisin in the Sun

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Production Opportunities 

Unlike most institutions, our season is built around students: We routinely stage 4–8 student-produced shows per academic year, along with 2 faculty-directed theatre pieces and a full-length dance concert. All productions are open to all students (majors and non-majors), who may participate as performers, designers, dramaturgs, crew members, stage managers, and even directors. Students may earn academic credit for their production experiences, as part of the department's committment to experiential learning.  

Real-World Skills 

The practical study of theatre and dance requires students to develop essential personal and professional skills, including problem solving, written and verbal communication, creativity, entrepreneurialism, flexibility, organization, and teamwork. These exact attributes were named in 2018 by the National Association of Colleges and Employers as some of the most crucial criteria for hiring and career readiness.

Interdisciplinary Learning

As part of WC's liberal arts mission, the Department of Theatre & Dance strongly encourages interdisciplinarity, both inside and outside the classroom. We frequently offer courses cross-listed with other departments, invite campus guests to consult on our productions, and encourage our students to integrate their academic and creative work, including Senior Capstone Experiences.

Student-Driven, Student-Led

With the support of our dedicated faculty, Theatre students are empowered to pursue their passion projects, both on- and off-campus. As seniors, many Theatre majors helm a show of their choosing—taking the lead as producing directors, performers, designers, dramaturgs, stage managers, or even playwrights. Students of any class year may apply through the Mary Martin Student Grant Program for up to $1,500 to pursue independent learning experiences, such as intensive training programs, professional conferences, internships, and individual or collaborative creative research projects. And those with leadership ambitions can apply for paid departmental positions as house managers, scene shop assistants, graphic designers, and more.