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Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience in music may be fulfilled by writing an extensive research paper or an extended composition; by presenting a research paper in conjunction with a lecture recital; by performing an hour-long solo recital; or by combining a half recital with a research paper.



Research Papers

Many of our students opt to pursue original research, drawing from their experience with historical musicology, ethnomusciology, and music theory.  Independent research can take many forms, including technical musicial analysis, archival work, and ethnomusciological methodoology, including participant observation and ethnographic inteviews. Students who double major are encouraged to seek topics that belnd their disciplnes.

Destiny Smith '21 "The Function(s) and Value(s) of Music: According to the Philosophical Approach in Western Music" (Advisor: Jonathan McCollum)

Gabriella Bucci '21 "Music and Propaganda in the Soviet Union.”  (Advisor: Jonathan McCollum)

Kalee Schotsch '20 "Personality Types and Their Attraction to Different Music Genres" (Advisor: Jonathan McCollum)

Ana Lopez '19  "The Role of Music in the Survival of Afro-Cuban Santeria/Lucumí and in the Development of the Afro-Cuban Population" (Advisors: Kenneth Schweitzer & Aaron Lampman)

Alyssa Robison '19 "The Hidden Mathematics of Music" (Advisors: Jonathan McCollum & Kyle Wilson)

Megan Stagg ' 19 "Stephen Sondheim: The Impact of his, Early Life on his Musicals and a Vocal Recital" (Advisor: Jonathan McCollum)

Arianna Hall '19 " Killing Me Softly: The Evolution of K-Pop and, its Implications for C-Pop" (Advisors: Ken Schweitzer & Andrew Oros)



Students can opt to offer a full recital or lecture-recital (lasting about 60 minutes), or a half recital combined with a research paper. Recitals are a very personal experience, and students work closely with their studio instructor, thesis advsior, and professors, to design a meaningful program. 

Berkeligh Fadden '21 Vocal and Koto Recital (Advisor: Jonathan McCollum) Studio Instructors: Carolene Winter & Jonathan McCollum

Annie Javitt  '21 Piano Recital (Advisor: Ken Schweitzer) Studio Instructor: Woobin Park

Megan Dietrich '20 Vocal Recital (Advisor: Ken Schweitzer) Studio Instructor: Bennett Umhau

Mikala Herlihy '20 Piano Recital"(Advisor: Ken Schweitzer) Studio Instructor: Woobin Park

Noe Perales '20 Piano Recital (Advisor: Jonathan McCollum) Studio Instructor: Woobin Park

John "Duncan" McRae '20 Tuba Recital (Advisor & Studio Instructor: Jonathan McCollum) 

Zhenyang Jin '19  Saxophone Recital (Advisor: Ken Schweitzer) Studio Instructor: John Thomas

Reanna Sherman '19 "Voice Recital" (Advsior: Jonathan McCollum) Studio Instructor: Carolene Winter

Emma Hoey '19 "Trumpet & Voice Recital" (Advisor: Jonathan McCollum) Studio Instructor: Davy DeArmond

Anna Mayes '19 "Voice Recital" (Advisor: Ken Schweitzer) Studio Instructor: Carolene Winter


Compositions & Recording

Students can explore a variety of opportunities to create original works and/or showcase their knoweldge of music production. In this track, students can create original compositions using traditional techniques (supported with software like Finale and Sibelius). They can also take advatage of our extensive production studio, and use Ableton Live, Protools, and Logic, together with extensive array of other hardware and software equipment to compose, create, record, and produce original works. 

Austin Martin-Williams '21: Original Album/Compositions with Ableton Live & FL Studio, "On Sale" (Advisor: Ken Schweitzer)

Chris Summers '21 Original full-length Composition with Ableton Live, "Orange Moon Lucifer" (Advsior: Ken Schweitzer)

Danny Palmatary '21 Music Production Portfolio including recordings and original compositions, using Protools & Ableton Live (Advsior: Ken Schweitzer)

Ronnie Hastings '19 Coming of Age: A Concept Album for Rock, Ensemble (Advisor: John Leupold)

Maddie Morton '19 Original Composition, Recording, &, Production" (Advisor: Ken Schweitzer)