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Classes and Lessons

Private music lessons and many classroom courses are open to all students. In lessons, you can learn a new instruments or advance your abilities on a new instrument. You can also take classes on topics such as recording/production, Jazz history, Music composition, Music theory, World music, and many more!

Private Music Instruction

Students can take music lessons on a variety of instruments. Lessons consist of 30-minute or 60-minute weekly sessions where the student and instructor meet on a one-on-one basis.

Lesson times are arranged between the student and the instructor at a mutually convenient time. All courses in applied music are two credits. Instructors will contact each student individually and further explain their expectations and scheduling issues.

If lessons do not sound like your thing, scroll down to learn about learning any instrument in a class setting.

In order to defray expenses associated with the personalized nature of music lessons, non-majors are responsible for additional fees hen enrolling in applied music courses.

  • 30-minute lessons (200-level) are $360
  • 60-minute lessons (400-level) are $720
  • Music majors are exempt from these fees beginning in their second semester freshman year. 

To learn more about the instructors that teach lessons, click on their profiles within each subgroup. 









Class Instrumental Lessons

If you are interested in learning an instrument, but do not want to take a one-on-one lesson, the Music Department also offers lessons in a group class setting. Right now, we offer courses in both Piano and Guitar. These classes are included with your tuition and give you 2 credits towards Fine Arts. For music majors, class piano also fulfills your piano requirement. Contact the professors below for more information!