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Math Major & Minor Requirements

Mathematics Major Description

The major in mathematics consists of at least eleven courses, four semesters of a 1-credit math seminar, and a senior capstone experience. In addition to all foundational courses, each major must take a computing course, a theory course, and three electives, at least one of which must be a MAT course.

  • Students successfully completing an approved extended course of study in an engineering program may complete only two electives, at least one of which is a MAT course.
  • Students intending to pursue graduate work should take both theory courses.

Mathematics Major Course Tree

Washington College Mathematics Major Course Tree

Mathematics Major Requirements Table

Foundational Courses (take all of these)

MAT 109 Statistical Inference and Data Analysis I
MAT 111 Differential Calculus (or Stretch Differential Calculus sequence, MAT 107-108)
MAT 112 Integral Calculus
MAT 210 Multivariable Calculus
MAT/CSI 240 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 280 Linear Algebra

Computing Course (take one of these)

CSI 111 Computer Science I
PHY/CSI 252 Scientific Modeling and Data Analysis

Theory Courses (take one of these)

MAT 410 Abstract Algebra
MAT 470 Real Analysis I

Electives (take three of these)

MAT 209 Statistical Inference and Data Analysis II
MAT/CSI 220 Data Science
MAT 230 Foundations of Geometry
MAT 310 Differential Equations
MAT 320 Probability
MAT 330 Complex Analysis
MAT/CSI 340 Numerical Analysis
MAT/CSI 350 Graph Theory and Combinatorics
MAT 360 Number Theory
MAT/CSI 370 Operations Research
MAT/CSI 410 Computer Graphics
MAT 480 Real Analysis II
MAT 294/394/494 Special Topics in Mathematics
CHE 305 Chemical Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics
CHE 306 Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
CSI 320 Theory of Computation
CSI 380 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
PHY 321 Classical Mechanics
PHY 324 Electricity and Magnetism
PHY 322 Quantum Physics
ECN 320 Econometrics

The Mathematics Minor

The minor in mathematics consists of at least seven courses. Students take all foundational courses listed above (with the exception of Statistical Inference and Data Analysis), one theory course, and one elective.

More Information

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