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Academic Requirements

The minor in ethnomusicology (23-credits) is open to students in all subject areas, including both musicians and non-musicians.

Core Requirements (4 credits)

MUS 406. Theory and Method in Ethnomusicology

Elective Requirements (at least 2 must be a MUS course) (16 credits)

MUS/ANT 104. Introduction to World Music and Ethnomusicology
MUS 106. Rock, Pop and American Culture
MUS 301. Music and Gender
MUS/ANT 313. Music of Latin America
MUS 314. Music of Asia
MUS/PHL 327. Music, Ritual, and Early Christianity
ANT 105. Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 215. Sex, Gender and Culture
ANT 305. Doing Anthropology
ANT 394. Representation and Power
DRA 305. Theater and Drama: Traditional Japanese Theater

Appropriate Internships (credit bearing)** 
Other courses, such as study abroad or summer/winter session courses**

**Approved by the Chair of the Music Department or the Director of the Ethnomusicology Minor, as appropriate.

World Music Performance Requirement (3 credits)

MUS 278. Steel Pan Ensemble
MUS 279. Japanese Music Ensemble
MUS 285. Early Music Consort
MUS 295. Afro-Cuban Ensemble