Senior Capstone Experience

Senior Capstone Experience

Washington College places singular emphasis on the completion of a significant independent project, the Senior Capstone Experience, as the culminating activity in a major program.

SCE with Elementary Certification:

The Senior Capstone Experience for Human Development majors seeking teacher certification will include the preparation and public presentation of a professional teaching portfolio, including an independent action research project. For students meeting honors SCE requirements (cumulative GPA of 3.625), the independent action research project will include additional elements.

SCE without Certification:

Human Development majors electing the non-certification route will complete and present an interdisciplinary, independent research study based on field work, which will be in the form of a thesis.

Past SCE Titles:

  • Clarifying our “Creativity Crisis”: Illuminating Differences in Creative Ability by Social Class
  • The Role of a School Psychologist Within an Educational System: A Case Study
  • Family Facilitated Learning: An Autoethnographic Study of Teaching a Home-schooled Gifted Child
  • The Life of a Riding Therapist and the Lifelong Benefits of His Work
  • Mobile Learning Device in the Public School Classroom
  • Reflective Practice Through Art Therapy: A Qualitative Study in the Treatment and Education of Individuals with Eating Disorders
  • Do Socialization Differences Occur between Homeschool and Public School Students?