Academic Requirements


Students can complete the minor in one of two ways:

1) Either completion of the Chesapeake Semester and one other course chosen from those listed below, or

2) Completion of BIO 104 and four additional courses chosen from at least two academic divisions listed below. Special topics, internships, or other courses focused on the Chesapeake region may be considered with the approval of the Director.

Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

-ART 322. The Arts in America

-PHL 102. Contemporary Moral Issues

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

-BIO 206. Ecology or ENV 294 Applied Ecology

-BIO 309. Marine and Estuarine Biology

-ENV 313. Wetlands Ecology

Division of Social Sciences

-HIS 313. 17th- and 18th-Century America

-ENV 117. Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

-ANT 305. Doing Anthropology

Chesapeake Semester Courses

-CRS 240. The Natural Science of an Estuary

-CRS 242. The Social Science of an Estuary

-CRS 244. A Humanities Perspective on the Chesapeake

-CRS 246. Interdisciplinary Study of an Estuary: Integration and Action