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Black Studies Essay Award

Black Studies Essay Award

In order to recognize exceptional undergraduate research on its field, the Black Studies program announces the Black Studies Essay Award Competition 2015.

The program will award one prize for a research paper completed by an undergraduate student from Washington College related to Black Studies and written for any class at Washington College. The award will be 250 USD.

The criteria for the competition are as follows:

  • The paper should focus on issues related to the populations of Africa or of African descent in the U.S., North, Central or South America,or the Caribbean.
  • The paper should exhibit competence in research methods and stylistic preferences in their respective disciplines. Format can be Chicago, APA, or MLA.
  • The paper should represent completed research, have a length of 9-15 pages, be typed and double spaced. Content, analytical skills, and relevant bibliographical content as well as original contribution to the field of study are factors  to be considered.
  • The paper should be accompanied by a cover letter indicating the major discipline and the name of the faculty member who is recommending it. Papers should be identified by faculty nomination or by self nomination with the recommendation of a WAC faculty member.
  • This prize is open to all full-time current students that are campus-located and/or abroad. Papers that have been written previously in the Spring and Fall of 2014 as well as papers that were written for the Spring of 2015 are eligible SCE projects are eligible too. 

In preparation for submitting to the competition, we strongly recommend that students take draft(s) of their submission to the Writing Center.

Papers should be submitted on PDF format via email to the address Final date for submissions: 5pm on May 1st, 2015.

Any questions about the prize, please contact

The committee, composed of Washington College faculty and staff, reserves the right not to give an award in any given year.

Awardees may be recognized at other college research venues and copies of their papers may be held in Miller Library.