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Black Studies

Why a Black Studies Minor?

The Black Studies program prepares students of all backgrounds to discover, research, and demonstrate familiarity with a broad range of aspects of black culture from a local, national, and global perspective. The program enhances students’ critical reading, thinking, and writing skills when analyzing black-related themes and issues in order to become competent scholars of black culture. Our objective is to promote an ethos of civic engagement that enables students to apply their knowledge and competences to the benefit of our local and global communities.

Minors in Black Studies enter a global workforce in a variety of careers including: Law, Business, Education, Medicine, International Affairs, Government Agencies, Non-Governmental Agencies, Journalism, Cultural Anthropology, and History, just to name a few.

  • Decolonized Leadership
  • Enhanced Ethical Awareness
  • Creativity in
    Problem Solving
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Teamwork and Relationship Building
  • Effective Persuasion
...and many more!


Student Stories

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Amanda Mede

Amanda Mede

Class of 2020 • Orlando, Florida
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Randei Collins

Class of 2023 • St. Michaels, Maryland
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