Senior Capstone Experience




2021-2022 Theses 

Hannah Flayhart ‘22 “Mercury and Cadmium Testing in Chester River Tributaries” (Advisor: Leslie Sherman Wakely) 

Amari Morton ‘22 “The Applications of Artificial Chemiluminescence” (Advisor: Sarah Arradondo) 

Michael Roseman ‘22 “One-Pot Synthesis of 1,3-Oxazolidines via Formal, Dearomative [3+2] Cycloaddition of Aminophenols” (Advisor: Do)

Mariama Thiam ‘22 “Computational Analysis of Nerve Agents and, Possible Treatment Molecules” (Advisor: Sarah Arradondo) 

Brody Mann ‘22 “A Quest for Lyme Disease Prophylaxis” (Advisor: Anne Marteel Parrish and Kathleen Verville)

Summer Black ‘21 “UV Exposure: Effects, Repair, and Prevention” (Advisor: Mindy Reynolds and Sarah Arradondo) 

Kellen Hanley ‘21 “Usage of Hydroxylated Fullerenes as Radioprotectors in the, C60 Prevention of Radiation-Induced Thyroid Carcinoma” (Advisor: Aaron Krochmal and Aaron Amick) 

Caroline Braungard ‘21 “Iceland: Fighting Climate Change with Sustainable, Geothermal Systems” (Advisor: Anne Marteel-Parrish)

Allison Gallagher ‘21 “Evaluation of the Environmental Prevalence and Toxicity, of Sulfonamides and Their Metabolites” (Advisor: Leslie Sherman Wakeley) 

Matthew Gregory ‘21 “An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Room Temperature, Ionic Liquids, Computational Chemistry, and their Intersection” (Advisor: Sarah Arradondo) 

Mengjiao Li ‘21 “Removal of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Groundwater Based , on Biosorption” (Advisor: Anne Marteel-Parrish) 

Christopher Lollo ‘21 “A Comprehensive Review on Metal Catalyzed Reactions to, Create Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons” (Advisor: Aaron Amick) 

Kayla Mehrtens ‘21 “Inquiry-Based Learning: an education method to support the, chemists of tomorrow” (Advisor: Aaron Amick)  

Nathaniel Neuland ‘21 “The Effects of Mutated SOD1 on Amyotrophic Lateral , Sclerosis and how siRNA Treatment Could Lead to a Cure” (Advisor: James Lipchock) 

Harry Redding ‘21 “How Reaction of Metals with the A? Protein can be Better, Understood Using Computational Methods” (Advisor: Sarah Arradondo) 

Ella Samer ‘21 “A Review on Spinal Muscular Atrophy and the Three , Available Gene Therapies” (Advisor: Aaron Amick) 

Michaela Creel ‘21 “The Effects of Alcoholic Beverages on the, Human Body and the Pathways of Metabolism” (Advisor: James Lipchock and Jim Windelbourn) 

Haley Wilt ‘21 “Comparative Analysis of Riboswitch Mechanisms” (Advisor: James Lipchock and Kathleen Verville) 

Mahin Zaman ‘21 “A Sustainable Development Approach to Promoting Water, Security in Eritrea” (Advisor: Anne Marteel-Parrish) 

Jennifer Shabrach ‘21 “The Effect of Excess Metal Exposure on Alzheimer's Disease and Possible Treatments” (Advisor: James Lipchock) 


2020 Theses

Sean Garin ‘20 “Examining the Structural Requirements for Dot1, Mediated Senescence” (Advisor: Jennifer Wanat and James Lipchock) 

Alexandria Hegeman ‘20 “The Significance of NUP170 in Delayed Cellular Senescence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae” (Advisor: Jennifer Wanat and Anna Smith) 

Larisa Okshewsky ‘20 “Prevention and Treatment for Clostridium, difficile infection” (Advisor: Kathleen Verville) 

Savannah Ross ‘20 “The Investigation of Fullerenes as a, Potential Therapeutic for Ischemic Stroke” (Advisor: Jim Windelbourn and Aaron Amick) 

Erin Asman ‘20 “Review of Osteoarthritis in Equines and the Treatments Available” (Advisor: James Lipchock) 

Eleanor Byers ‘20 “Biomimetic Preen Oil from Waste Cooking Oil: A Green Chemistry Laboratory for Secondary Students” (Advisor: Anne Marteel-Parrish) 

David Gonzalez ‘20 “ Synthesis of a Novel Acenaphthylene, Semiconducting Polymer” (Advisor: Aaron Amick) 

Autumn Hoffman ‘20 “Synthesis of 5-bromobenzo[c]phenanthrene, an, Intermediate of the Missing Fullerene C72” (Advisor: Aaron Amick) 

Corbin Hudson ‘20 “Ionic Liquids: The Designer Solvent” (Advisor: Sarah Arradondo) 

Jessica Melson ‘20 “The Effects of Microplastics on Water and Soil, Samples Around the Chester River” (Advisor: Anne Marteel-Parrish) 

Alexandra Searles ‘20 “Comparison of Phosphate Levels in Water, Samples of Impaired Creeks off of the Chester River and, Evaluation of Surrounding Land” (Advisor: Leslie Sherman Wakeley) 

Felicia Atton ‘20  “Synthesis of flavonoids for anti-aging Research” (Advisor: Anna Smith) 

Melissa Whittington ‘20 “Characterizing small water clusters with ab, initio Methods and Terahertz Spectroscopy” (Advisor: George Keiser) 



Dominic Giandonato ‘19 “Induced Blockage of Ring Closures within, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons” (Advisor: Aaron Amick) 

Edgardo Hernandez ‘19 “Determining pH Using Acid-Base Indicators and, Smartphone Colorimetry” (Advisor: Rick Locker) 

Parakram Karki ‘19 “Mechanistic study of protein histidine, phosphatase 1 and the effects of the elongation of the, c-terminus on protein function and dynamics” (Advisor: James Lipchock

Beatrice Keller ‘19 “A Cross-disciplinary Study Between Green, Chemistry and Public Health: Comparative Analysis of Cooking, Methods and Effects on Food Composition and Health in Rural China” (Advisor: Anne Marteel-Parrish) 

Meredith Kenton ‘19 “Introducing Green Chemistry Principles into, an Undergraduate Inorganic Chemistry Course” (Advisor: Anne Marteel-Parrish) 

Collin Vincent ‘19 “Efficient Synthesis of New Aromatic, Structural Scaffolds” (Advisor: Aaron Amick) 

Tyler Buchanan ‘19 “Effects of Vortex Generators on a Sedan Model Car” (Advisor: James Lipchock)