Senior Capstone Experience



2021-2022 Theses 

‘22 Holly Williams “Lakol Wicohan and Women: Cultural Tradition, Adaption, and, Survival and from Pre-Contact to 1973” (Advisor: Julie Markin)

‘21 Kyle Mitten “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Scholar, Minister, Master Performer” (Advisor: Richard DeProspo 

‘21 Leah Morris “The First Lady's Influence: The First Lady's Social,, Cultural, and Political Influence on the United States” (Advisor: Richard DeProspo)




2020 Theses

‘20 Tyler Cummings (Advisor: Richard DeProspo) 




2019 & Older Theses

‘19 Olivia Diaz "An Enemy on their Own Land: Mexican, Misrepresentation in Hollywood Westerns from 1900 to 1970" (Advisor: Richard Striner) 

‘19 Joseph Grieves "Gender, Race and Religion throughout America;, How each can affect one's life mentally and physically” (Advisor: Richard DeProspo) 

‘19 Juliet Kaczmarczyk "The American Nonprofit: Defining Success,, Establishing Community Engagement, and Demonstrating Value, in American Society." (Advisor: Richard DeProspo)

‘18 Heidi Butler "Searching for an American Sound: Identity and, American Music in the Nineteenth Century" (Advisor: Ken Miller and Jon McCollum) 

‘18 Tia Gracey “American Quest for Territory: The Effects of, the American Revolution on the Iroquois" (Advisor: Ken Miller) 

‘17 Davis Vernon ''Acculturation through Disease, War, and Ecology." (Advisor: Ken Miller)

‘17 James Mitchell  ''Restoring or Destroying Religion? The Changing Understanding of Religious Freedom.'' (Advisor: Melissa Deckman)

‘17 Autumn Chisolm "The Evolution of the American Movie, Theater Experience." (Advisor: Susan Vowels)