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Casey Academic Center

Casey Academic Center

This grand Georgian-style brick building is at the heart of campus activity. Named for Eugene B. Casey, it serves as an important administrative building, housing the majority of various student support services.

The ground floor is a grand concourse that opens onto the College‚Äôs bookstore, the student post office and Central Services mail center, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and a common room for both faculty and students.

On the first landing of the grand staircase, overlooking the grand concourse and the Hall of Presidents, is a quote from the Washington College Honor Code. From this prominent location, the quote serves as a frequent reminder to students to hold themselves to the highest possible standards, inside the classroom and out. 

The second floor includes a multipurpose forum, several seminar-size classrooms, and the Office of Student Affairs and Residential Life.

The third floor is home to the Office of Admissions and Office of Student Financial Aid. Wireless access is available in the building.

The weekend shuttle starts and ends its trips at the front steps of the Casey Academic Center.