Jenna Follin
Jenna Follin

The Foundation of Business

Jenna  Follin

Class of 2020 - Earleville, MD
When she first came to Washington College, Jenna Follin knew she wanted to major in Business. However, through encouragement from her professors and a wide array of experiences through different clubs, organizations, and off-campus internships, Follin learned how her different areas of interest can teach her how to be responsible, hard-working, and versatile in an ever-changing industry.


After receiving a tuition-based scholarship from the college, Jenna approached the school full of determination, prepared to enter an environment surrounding the very foundations of our nation--business.

“Because our entire country is built off of business and the service industry, I knew I wanted this to be my major,”Jenna  said. “Even if I didn’t go on to be the head of a company, I knew that having a degree in Business could be beneficial in the workplace, and just having that general knowledge of how business works could be very helpful wherever I decided to go.”

It wasn’t untilJenna ’s sophomore year the Communications and Media Studies (CMS) program became available that Jenna  found another field of study she was interested in. She enrolled in CMS instantly, becoming fascinated with each lesson plan detailing how to explain different mediums of media, and how they can contribute to the image, status, and reputation of any business.

“Business is all about communication,”Jenna  said. “It is very important to understand how to interpret media, especially going into the world of business.”

Under the guidance of her BUS and CMS departments,Jenna  learned not just the basics of the business world, but also involved herself in deep, open discussions about how business is seen by audiences through the media, and how the media can potentially improve the ranking of a company to high-reaching success.

“Despite being a small school, the Business Department here [at Washington College] does offer a wide range of topics for students to study and does not limit itself to just teaching business management, neither does it limit students to just this one major,” Jenna  said. “Students can have the opportunity to continue pursuing their other interests while still learning business.”

Jenna's Four Year Plan

Year 1

FAVORITE CLASSIntroduction to Philosophy

An open discussion course, Follin and her fellow classmates could openly challenge one another's views on different topics, such as religious beliefs. "[The class] really opens your mind to new ways of thinking with deep, meaningful topics to think about outside what is normal or right," Follin said of her experiences. "This is extremely important in reality, and can be applied in every class," Follin said.

Year 2

LEARNING BY DOINGTED Direct Sales Marketing Firm Internship

The summer of her sophomore year had Follin experiencing the intense obligations of a small business at TED Direct Sales Marketing Firm. Working on commission selling Verizon network plans door to door, Follin not only learned how to communicate with and sell a specific product to customers, but also how to manage adult responsibilities in the field. "It was tough; since it was one-hundred percent commission, working sixty to eight hours a week, it could be stressful," Follin said. "But I got through it--it taught me how to be an adult and handle the responsibilities of being an adult, such as paying rent and other bills for three months."

Year 3

MEMORABLE EXPERIENCEStanley Black & Decker Power Tools

For junior year, Follin tried her hand at working for Stanley Black & Decker Power Tools at one of their main establishments in Towson, MD. At a big corporation with an online presence to match, Follin's work included checking in on customers' Web searches for the company itself and its products. "It was definitely a better experience," Follin said. "With a standard work week and hourly pay, it was a more structured experience, and I definitely got a ton of work experience out of that."

Year 4

LOOKING FORWARD TOWork Experience and Graduate School

Her Senior Capstone Experience (SCE) is exploring the pyramid scheme operations of multi-level businesses and marketing companies, specifically how issues in communication and ethics allow them to continue operating and recruiting new people to sell their products on a massive scale. As for after graduation, Follin is currently looking for open positions at Stanley Black & Decker and T.Rowe Price for management consultant experience. "I'm very interested in learning about the psychology and sociology of a company, and understanding how people work, think, and act in that kind of environment," Follin said. Though she plans on attending graduate school in the near future, Follin plans on taking a year off to gain the experience she needs to succeed in the classroom. "The goal is to get a year or a few years of work experience and then go back and get a Business Administration Master's Degree," Follin said.