Intern Experiences: Emma Campbell

Emma  Campbell

Class of 2022 • Intern Experience
Emma is a junior majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing and Journalism, Editing & Publishing. During the summer, Emma interned at Triada US Literary Agency where she applied her passion for literature to a real-world job experience.


At Triada US Literary Agency, Emma’s duties included reading at least one manuscript a week that had been submitted to the agency for literary representation and then writing a detailed report about the manuscript. In each report, Emma would write a summary, analyze the piece’s strengths and weaknesses, and determine whether it would do well in a literary market. 

Emma’s favorite part of her internship experience was her weekly phone call with her mentor, Dr. Uwe Stender, who kindly answered all of her questions about publishing, editing, writing, and literature! Emma says that working at Triada helped her to “discover just how passionate I am about my area of study.” She reflects that: “the point of an internship is to better understand what is and isn't for you, and I'm glad that my work for Triada affirmed that I'm in the right place.”