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::The Revolutionary College Project

The Revoluntionary College Project


ABOVE -  Rare newsreel footage, shot by RKO cameramen, of FDR's visit to Washington College in 1933. To read more about his sojourn in Chestertown, and other presidential visits, click here


An Account

ABOVE -  'An Account of Washington College,' published in 1784, is a unique document in the history of American higher education. To read the full pamphlet, follow this link



ABOVE -  Washington College's football team has been famously undefeated since 1951. To read about its previous record, unearthed from the archives by Justine Hendricks '07, click here














Opening Animation

ABOVE - The flash animation was created by Francoise Sullivan of Moo Productions, Worton, Md.,  who also designed this website. The background music is the fight song "Old Washington," composed in 1926 by C.L. Atwater, and performed on piano in 2008 by Professor Garry Clarke. For the sheet music and words to the song, click here. To replay the animation, click on the above image.


The Revolutionary College Project

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