John S. Toll Science & Mathematics Fellows Program

The John S. Toll Fellows Program is named in honor of the College’s 25th president. The purpose of the JSTF Program is to support the academic and research activities of students and faculty who belong to the College’s vibrant community of natural sciences and mathematics scholars.

Information about the John S. Toll Fellows Program (JSTF)

The JSTF Program is a research-focused community that commemorates Washington College’s 25th president, Dr. John Toll who served as president from 1995-2004. His support strengthened the foundation of the natural sciences both intellectually and financially here at Washington College. Thus, this program honors his commitment and enthusiasm for academia and research. 

The goal of the JSTF Program is to support the academic and research activities of student scholars within the natural sciences and mathematics division. Programming during the academic year includes opportunities to promote and support students interested in research, including - but not limited to - research shadowing opportunities in the lab and field, meetings with invited researchers, and mentorship opportunities. These opportunities are meant to provide members of the JSTF Program with additional experiences to help them grow their interest in research and increase their likelihood of obtaining research-based positions, including internships.


Research through the JSTF Program

The research program through the JSTF Program provides a stipend and supply budget for students to conduct collaborative research with faculty during the summer or academic year at Washington College.  This student/faculty collaboration often leads to publication in professional journals, as well appearances at regional and national conferences. The research program is a competitive program open to all Washington College students. Although students in the JSTF Program are not guaranteed a research position, the experiences and connections built through the program have the potential to give students a competitive advantage.

How to join the JSTF Program

Many Apprentices in the program were granted admission into the program through an application during the Admissions process at Washington College. However, admission into the program as an Apprentice or Fellow can be considered upon receipt and consideration of a faculty nomination to the program. Nominations are due by 4:30pm on spring Advising Day annually. You can view the academic calendar for dates.