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    Elm Tree Fund

    Seniors! Be a Hero.

    Support students who follow in your footsteps! 

    The Elm Tree Fund was established as an emergency fund to support Washington College students, and is administered by the Office of Student Affairs. Every year, some students have a short-term need that threatens their ability to complete the semester.

    Through the Elm Tree Fund, alumni have provided students with text books, purchased a new pair of glasses, and covered the registration cost for a teacher certification exam. Small purchases, perhaps, but ones with critical implications for students who often lack additional support from their families.

    As graduation draws closer every day, many seniors are thinking of their experiences at Washington College, and want to give back in a meaningful way to provide these same experiences for peers in the grades to follow.

    If you are inclined to give to the department you love and wish to support students who will walk in your footsteps, please donate below:

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    Thank you for PAYING IT FORWARD!