The Culture of Writing at Washington College

The Culture of Writing at Washington College

Writing features prominently across the curriculum and throughout the campus of Washington College.  While using and articulating what they are discovering, our students cultivate the purpose and passion that guide their intellectual endeavors, from the First Year Seminar to the Senior Capstone Experience, in a research project or a portfolio submitted for the Sophie Kerr Prize. For good reason many people refer to Washington College as “The Writing School.” 

Our program of sequenced writing requirements and opportunities for engaging writing beyond the classroom inform the culture of writing that remains at the core of Washington College’s mission—and at the heart of our transformative student experience. In the course of their education at Washington College, all students will complete at least four deliberate writing experiences that comprise the requirements of our Writing Program. These experiences, sequenced over the four years of a typical Washington College education, serve to develop in students the knowledge, skills, and habits essential to the clear thinking, sharp inquiry, careful analysis, and effective expression at the heart of the college’s tradition of liberal education. 

W1. First Year Seminar

Essentials of Critical Inquiry

W2. Process of Writing

Engaging with Composition, Revision, and Editing

W3. Writing in the Discipline 

Writing in Depth and in the Disciplines

W4. Senior Capstone Experience

Producing and Publishing Scholarship


Read What Students Are Writing

The Washington College Review publishes exemplary work that emerges from these courses and experiences in the writing program.