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    Experimental Psychology

    There are three courses of study for WC psychology majors to choose from: Experimental Psychology, a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience (BN), and a concentration in Clinical/Counseling (CC). These courses of study are designed to prepare students for entry level careers and for post-graduate study in psychology, social work, business, and medicine/health. 

    The Experimental Psychology Track is designed to provide the broadest exposure to all disciplines in psychology. It includes a natural science course sequence, a statistics course sequence, several psychology laboratory courses, a choice of non-laboratory elective coursework, and the senior capstone experience.

    Throughout the curriculum, the emphasis is on empirical testing of theoretical psychological models. Students graduate with the quantitative skills required for conducting and evaluating psychological research.

    This track is recommended for those students who desire a broad background in psychology, for those contemplating careers in such fields as experimental psychology and social psychology, or for those who wish to double major in psychology and another discipline (e.g., art, English, philosophy, sociology, etc).


    Thinking About Experimental Psychology?

    Review the course checklist for the Experimental Psychology or visit the college catalog to learn more about the academic requirements.

    Course Checklist




    Four Year Plan in Experimental Psychology

    Year 1

    PSY 111, 112, & natural science  

    Begin with courses in General Psychology as well as your choice of natural sciences sequence.

    Year 2

    PSY 209, 309, & elective  

    Begin taking the Statistics and Research Design sequence, as well as at least one elective course that interests you.

    Year 3

    PSY 399 & two more electives  

    Keep taking elective courses (at least one per semester). In Spring, you will also take Junior Seminar.

    Year 4

    PSY SCE & two more electives  

    Work on your Senior Capstone Project while completing your last remaining elective courses.