Small classes, close relationships with professors, research and internship opportunities, and the option to explore interests beyond medicine appeal to many students who anticipate spending at least seven years after college singularly focused on the study of medicine.

Prepare To Excel

Over the past five application cycles, 84% of Washington College applicants to medical, dental, optometry, or podiatry schools who went through our Premedical Committee Process received at least one acceptance. (When specifically limited to Washington College applicants to medical school, that number was still 84%.) 

The Washington College Premedical Program guides students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. If you are interested in becoming an allopathic physician (an M.D.), an osteopathic physician (a D.O.), a dentist, a podiatrist, or an optometrist, the Premedical Committee will help guide you through the process.

Washington College is also an affiliate school of the Early Acceptance Program offered by Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) for its medical and dental schools.