Philosophy Major Requirements

The Process

The Philosophy Major consists of Four components:

The Philosophy Major Requirments

Introductory (2 required courses)

Note: These introductory courses can be used to satisfy the colleges "humanities distribution requirment."

*plan ahead, PHL 100 is a prerequisite for many upper level courses. 

  • PHL 100 - Intorduction to Philosophy
  • PHL 108 - Logic 

History Sequence (2 requried Courses)

  • PHL 213 - History of Philosophy: Ancient
  • PHL 214 - History of Philosophy: Modern

Ethics (1 required Course)

Choose one from the list below

  • PHL 225 - Ethical Theory
  • PHL 235 - Foundations of Morality 



100 level to 300 level Electives (3 courses)

  • Students may choose any three 100-300 level PHL courses to satisfy this requirment. These courses are an excellent opportunity to start finding specific research interests within the broader discipline


400 Level Elective (1 course) 

  • This requirment can be fullfulled by taking any 400 level course, not including PHL 435 Philosophical Methods.

Juinor Seminar (1 required Course)

Note: This course is meant to be completed during the fall of a major's juinor year and is designed to aid majors as they begin exploring the SCE process. 

  • PHL 435 - Philosophical methods


All philosophy majors must complete the Senior Capstone Experience. This will take the form of a senior thesis. 

  • Each senior philosophy major will work in close association with a faculty mentor from the Department of Philosophy and Religion. The association between student and mentor will be an intensive one spanning the whole course of development of the thesis—from the initial formulation of a thesis proposal in the spring of the student’s junior year to the final completion of the thesis by the conclusion of the senior year.

    Students may pursue an alternate Senior Capstone Experience project with the approval of the department chair. Though uncommon, the SCE can consist of a series of comprehensive exams. Students who double major are encouraged to explore a project that satisfies both majors. Students are expected to follow published timelines for submitting project proposals, drafts, and other related obligations. A timeline for the SCE process will be updated and provided to majors near the close of their juinor year.