Music Department's Open Studio


    The Music Department's Open Studio project connects local performing artists with Washington College students who aspire to careers in music production and recording. In partnership with the Holstein Program in Ethics and Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience, local musicians of all ages and backgrounds are invited to explore Washington College's professional performing spaces and state of the art recording studio, as they work in collaboration with our team of student producers. Open Studio is guided by the idea that Washington College is at its best when the tools and resources of liberal arts learning are turned toward making our community a stronger, more resilient, and artistically vibrant place.
    Students in recording studio
    Every Summer, Chesapeake Heartland’s Hip Hop Time Capsule pairs Kent County teenagers and Washington College students with musicians, college professors, and museum professionals to research, explore, document, and interpret the rich history of African American music in Kent County, Md.

    Recording and Mixing services are available FREE of charge to youth and qualified local artists. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, complete the Application form to set up an initial consultation. 

    Participants are invited to use any of our larger recording spaces, our more intimate recording studio, or (in upon approval) off-site recording in local churches, performances spaces, or other stuctures. 




    Examples of recording projects completed in Summer 2021 and 2022 during the Hip Hop Time Capsule.

    "First Place" - Ray Rose

    "Legion" - Wooskii


    Recording Spaces - Large Rooms


    Hotchkiss Recital Hall

    A bright recital hall with rich acoustics, perfect for blending sounds in a small, cozy space. The stage offers space enough for a small ensemble to record comfortably, and an adjacent room makes for a great area for isolating solo sounds if needed. The layout of the room allows for both recording of individual instruments or groups while also easily allowing for a recording of the full room to achieve a more natural “live” sound.

    Hotchkiss Recial Hall with Performers


    Decker Theatre

    A large theatre with lots of available recording space and dampened acoustics, perfect for large ensembles or ensembles looking to capture more isolated sounds. This room is heavily recommended for musicians who would like to keep their instruments from “bleeding” together and would like to keep the sound of each recording as clean as possible. Ensembles who want a live sound, but would also like to keep their instruments separated would also find this room to be the perfect fit. Please note that this room’s availability is more limited than others and may not always be available to use. Please mention during your consultation visit if this room is one that you are interested in so we can look for available dates as soon as possible.

    Drums in Decker Theatre



    Large Recording Studio

    A decent sized room with acoustic paneling and lots of available instruments. This room is great for small ensembles or even a few musicians who want to record in a space where sounds can be easily isolated or blended. This room also offers the easiest access to other instruments which can be utilized to experiment with any new ideas that may arise while recording.

    Student Playing Bass