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Dual Degree with Duke University

Dual Degree with Duke University

Through a new dual-degree partnership with Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, Washington College environmental science and environmental studies majors can now earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.

Qualified students can leave Washington College after three years, enrolling in the Nicholas School’s two-year master’s programs in either forestry (MF)  or environmental management (MEM). 




WAC Requirements 

  • Complete college-wide requirements at WAC in three years with the exception of the SCE;
  • Complete major requirements for a B.A. in environmental studies or a B.S. in environmental science in three years, with the exception of the SCE and senior seminar courses;
  • Complete a minimum of 97 credit hours.

Duke Requirements

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of a B (3.00) or better;
  • Receive a grade of a B (3.00) or better in all undergraduate courses required for admission to the Nicholas School’s MEM and MF programs;
  • Complete both MAT 201 and MAT 109 in addition to any program specific requirements: Duke Nicholas School of the Environment
  • Successful admission to Duke’s Nicholas School.


  • Undergraduate degree awarded after successful completion of at least eight three-credit graduate courses at Duke University with a grade of C- or better, provided student remains in good standing and has intentions to complete the MEM or MF degree program.
  • MEM or MF degree awarded after the successful completion of the second and final year at Duke University.