Essential Dimensions

Essential Dimensions

(Maryland State Department of Education Performance Based Standards)

The highly effective classroom is one in which every student is fully engaged at all times with curriculum that is inviting, motivating, and personally relevant. To achieve this,

Teacher Candidates and Teachers Will:

1. Demonstrate mastery of appropriate academic disciplines and a repertoire of teaching techniques.

2. Demonstrate an understanding that knowledge of the learner’s physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and cultural development is the basis of effective teaching.

3. Incorporate a multicultural perspective which integrates culturally diverse resources, including those from the learner’s family and community.

4. Demonstrate a knowledge of strategies for integrating students with special needs into the regular classroom.

5. Use valid assessment approaches, both formal and informal, which are age-appropriate and address a variety of developmental needs, conceptual abilities, curriculum outcomes and school goals.

6. Organize and manage a classroom using approaches supported by student learning needs, research, best practice, and expert opinion.

7. Use computer and computer-related technology to meet student and professional needs.

8. Demonstrate an understanding that classrooms and schools are sites of ethical, social, and civic activity.

9. Collaborate with the broad educational community, including parents, businesses and social service agencies.

10. Engage in careful analysis, problem-solving, and reflection in all aspects of teaching.

Maryland Teacher Technology Standards

All teacher candidates must demonstrate technology proficiency. Use the following PDF checklist to self-assess your technology skills.

The Maryland Technology Consortium has developed Maryland Teacher Technology Standards, “technology outcomes and indicators that all teacher candidates will need to achieve.”