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CMS Major and Minor

A CMS degree is a valuable professional asset. An Association of American Colleges & Universities survey of 400 private sector and nonprofit executives found that the most highly valued skills for recent college graduates were: written and oral communication skills, teamwork skills, ethical decision-making, critical thinking skills, and the ability to apply knowledge in real-world settings. These skills are at the foundation of the CMS major at Washington College. 

CMS students are exposed to multiple areas of study and skill development, making them exceptionably qualified for a wide variety of careers.


CMS @ WAC has alums everywhere, including:

CMS Alum Careers


CMS Facts Did You Know

CMS students question knowledge, analyze the world around them, and create solutions.
At the end of their course of study CMS majors will be able to:


engage in critical inquiry of historical and contemporary issues in communication and media studies in a global landscape.


communicate key concepts in the field and demonstrate their practical application       through clear writing and oral presentation. 


produce independent research and creative work in the field.  


advocate for ethical communication principles and media literacy in professional settings and in civic life.  

 CMS Majors are in Good Company

Below is a partial list of people with communication and/or media studies degrees

Oprah Winfreymedia executive and producerStephen Colbert comedian and talk show hostBob Iger CEO The Walt Disney CompanySpike Lee filmmaker Matthew McConaugheyactor and producerRegina Hall actorBrandi Chastain professional soccer playerConnie Chungbroadcast journalist  Bob Costas sportscaster William Inge playwrightBrian Lamb CEO of C-SPANJim Rome sports radio talk show host Gary Larson cartoonistJerry Seinfeldactor and comedian