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Student Outcomes

Washington College chemistry majors are well prepared for their careers and are very successful after they graduate. Greater than 90% of our majors have accepted a job or graduate school offer before graduation!

Student Outcomes

Our students attend graduate school in the chemical sciences or engineering, have careers in the chemical industry, attend medical school, pharmacy school, or physician assistant school, or become high school or middle school science teachers.

Recent Employment after Graduation
National Institutes for Health Philadelphia Museum of Art
Chemist at PQ Corporation EVISA Corporation
Teach for America LaMotte Company
Department of Energy  The Emmes Corp
National Human Genome Research Institute  
Post-Secondary Education in the Chemical or Biological Sciences and Education
Yale University University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Clemson University Johns Hopkins University
North Carolina State University Georgia Tech University
University of Pittsburgh Northeastern University
Temple University Harvard University
Rowan University Penn State University, Harrisburg
George Washington University Georgia State University
University of Maryland College Park Dartmouth University
University of Oregon Georgetown University
University of Delaware University of Arizona
University of California, Riverside  University of California, Berkeley
Health Professional Schools
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy Penn State University College of Medicine
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
Campbell University College of Pharmacy University of Delaware School of Nursing
Duquesne University School of Pharmacy New Mexico State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University College of Medicine University of Maryland School of Dentistry
Atlantic Veterinary College  Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

Students Receiving Graduation Awards

Simon Belcher  ’18: Goodfellow Award

Anna Inserra `17: Clark-Porter Medal & Graduating Senior with the Highest GPA

Patrick Ginther `17: Henry W. C. Catlin 1894 Medal

Ryan Manning `17: Goodfellow Award & Sophie Kerr Prize Finalist

Laurel Jones  ’16: Goodfellow Award

Misbath Daouda ’15: Clark-Porter Medal

Kelly Bird ’15: Goodfellow Award

Aaron Selestok ’13: Goodfellow Award

Sarah Macht `10: George Washington Prize & Goodfellow Award

Ericka Malow `10: Goodfellow Award


Career Paths for Some Recent Alumni 

Erin Asman `20

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Atlantic Veterinary College 

Eleanor Byers `20

M.Ed. Program in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland 

Sean Garin `20

National Human Genome Research Institute 

Daniel Gonzalez `20

Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, University of California Riverside 

Alexandria Hegeman `20

M.S. Program in Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases, Georgetown University 

Larisa Okshewsky `20

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University 

Tyler Buchanan `19

Epicchemicals Corporation 

Valerie Fischer `19

M.S. Program in Pharmacology, Georgetown University 

Meredith Kenton `19

Digital Marketing Assistant for Megger

Jessie Ngoc `19

Chemist at LaMotte Chemical Company

Collin Vincent `19

Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, University of Oregon

Simon Belcher `18

University of Arizona Material Science Program for Heritage Preservation

Skyler Clark `18

Science Teaching Fellow at Mercersburg Academy

Mackenzie Gaze `18

Biotech Production Specialist II at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Alex Sirkot `18

QC Chemist, Copperhead Chemical Company

Merrick Smith `18

Ph.D. Program in Animal Nutrition and Food Science, University of Delaware

Patrick Ginther `17

Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, University of California-Berkeley

M.S. in Chemistry, Yale University

Anna Inserra `17

Physician Assistant Program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Allison Remenapp `17

Graduate Program in Environmental Science, Villanova University

Morgen Ricketts `17

Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellow, Georgia State University

Hao Zhang `17

Graduate Program in Chemistry, Dartmouth University

Kainat Khan `17

Data Manager, The Emmes Corp

Addison Hanscom `16

Chemist at EVISA Corporation and M.S. Program in Chemistry at Northeastern University

Barbara Fisher `16

Conservation Analysis Lab Technician, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Sean Haynie ’16

M.D. Program, Thomas Jefferson University

Research Technician, Thomas Jefferson University

Laurel Jones  ’16

BSN Program, University of Delaware

Kelly Bird ’15

Ph.D. Program in Pharmacology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Misbath Daouda ’15

Gap Year Scholar Program, Harvard University and Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

Emily Evans ’15

Wholesaler Marketing Assistant, Lincoln Financial Group

Matthew Klepfer `15

Chemist at PQ Corporation

Schuyler Reed `15

Research Intern at Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Blair Towers ’15

M.D./Ph.D. Program at the University of Virginia

Post-baccalaureate Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health

Kyriakos Atmatzidis ’15

Chemist at LaMotte Corporation

Ph.D. Program in Environmental Engineering, Temple University

Michael Giroux ’15

Ph.D. Program in Chemical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Emily Sahadeo’15

Ph.D. program in Materials Science, University of Maryland, College Park

Stephan DiPasquale `14

Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Engineering, Rowan University

Robert Mix `14

Pharm. D. Program, UMBC

Sara Martin `14

Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, North Carolina State University

Karine Sager ’14

Urban Medical Missionary, Louisville, KY

Corinne Staub ’14

Teach for America

Kelly Ward ’14

Pharm. D. program, Notre Dame of Maryland University

David French ’13

Ph.D. program in Chemistry, University of Alabama-Birmingham

Jessica Magdeburger ’13

M.D. Program, Penn State College of Medicine

Stephanie Spitznagel ’13

Dental School, University of Maryland

Post-baccalaureate Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health

Kristen Wille `13

Technical Support Engineer, Mettler Toledo Corporation

Graduate Program in Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh

Matthew Streeter `13

Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, Yale University

Jordan Tryhubenko `12

Pharm. D. Campbell University, 2016

Pharmacist, Federal Bureau of Prisons

Sean Harrison `12

Pharm. D. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016

Merck & Company

 Larissa Check’12

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, BCOM, New Mexico

Edward Hoegg `11

Energetics Inc as contractor to the Department of Energy, 2012

Department of Energy Science Technology Policy Fellow in the Solar Energy Technology Program, 2012-2014

Ph.D. Program in Chemistry at Clemson University

Next Generation Safeguards Intern under the National Security Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Lab.

Heather Sheridan `10

Pharm.D. Duquesne University. 2014

Ericka Malow `10

Pharm.D. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Samantha DeCarlo’10

Ph.D. Materials Science, University of Maryland, College Park. 2015