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Chemists have all the solutions for the 21st century!

Why Chemistry at Washington College?

An Innovative Curriculum that Reflects Modern, Interdisciplinary Science

With an organic-first curriculum accredited by the American Chemical Society and Maryland Higher Education Commission, we introduce our students to fundamental concepts in chemistry through the lens of organic and biochemistry. This approach allows us to introduce material more thematically, gives students the foundation they need for advanced study in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, environmental science, engineering, psychology, medicine, and physics, and better reflects modern chemistry as an interdisciplinary science.

In addition, Washington College is leading the way in a national movement to integrate the principles of green chemistry into the curriculum and to train a new generation of chemists who are especially mindful of its environmental impact.

Prepare to Get Your Gloves Dirty!

Chemistry is an experimental science. As a chemistry major, you will gain experience collecting and analyzing data from our research grade instrumentation from your very first chemistry course. By your senior year, you will become an independent scientist working under the mentorship of a faculty member on your Senior Capstone Experience (SCE) project for which you might explore a topic in green chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, or biochemistry. In addition, most of our students complete on- or off-campus internships for academic credit or a stipend.

We are Focused on You!

At Washington College, you are more than a number. Small class sizes, unhurried conversations, and open-door office hour policies are just a few of the benefits. As an undergraduate focused institution, your success is our success. Our undergraduates play an integral part in the research of our faculty and, as a result, many students are co-authors on scientific publications with faculty. In fact, more than 80% of our recent faculty publications included at least one student co-author.

A Personalized Education

While all chemistry majors earn a B.S. degree from Washington College, you have the option to specialize your chemistry degree in one of four areas of emphasis: Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, Greener Materials Science, Physical and Instrumental Chemistry, or Biophysics and Biological Chemistry. This allows you to personalize your education in the area of chemistry about which are most passionate and earn an additional transcript notation that can be helpful when applying to jobs and/or graduate programs in the future.


Our Students Succeed!

The quality of a Washington College chemistry education can be seen in the success of our students, as more than 90% of our Chemistry seniors have a post-graduation plan before they graduate. While the largest percentage of our students attend graduate school in chemistry or a related field (39%) after graduation, many gain employment in industry (35%), attend a health related professional school (16%), or go into teaching (4%). 


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