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Business Management Major and Minor

The opportunity of a lifetime—that’s what a major in Business Management can mean for you.

You’ll learn to read balance sheets and income statements. You’ll calculate the net present value of investments, and use enterprise software like SAP to diagnose a company’s operations. You’ll conduct a marketing campaign, learn how to motivate team members, and analyze corporate strategy.

If you choose to study abroad, you’ll have a world of choices, with business-school partners from China to England to Argentina to help you complete the global-business component. When you come back, we’ll be eager to help you research and write a senior capstone to help show employers what you’ve learned, and what you can contribute.


Is business management really a liberal art?


Ask any business leader what she’s looking for in a new hire, and she’ll say that while technical skills matter, more important are the skills to think criticallyand ask questions, communicate clearly in writing and speech, work effectively as part of a diverse team, and solve problems. At Washington College, you’ll develop those skills both in the classroom and outside of it while learning the building blocks of business, actively growing in your ability to be competitive wherever your path takes you. Moreover, we know that you want to make a difference. We’ll help you discover life with meaning through the exploration of ethical, sustainable, socially responsible solutions to challenges faced by organizations. The bottom line: We’ll help you develop your skills, connect with our extensive alumni network, and find great workplaces that click with your passion and your values. That’s why we call what we do the active liberal art. It’s your story—start writing it. We’ll help you do it. 

Program Features


A Rigorous Business Foundation–Grounded in Liberal Arts Values

Our comprehensive business program covers accounting, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, information systems, strategy, global business, and more. All of these areas are linked throughout with ethical awareness, critical thinking, and skills that matter, and infused with learning from across the College.


Global learning

Business bashes borders. For you, that means that studying business has to include studying the world. We bake a global perspective into our program in many ways: international-studies courses, foreign language study, and study-abroad for a semester or a shorter summer program. You'll be able to choose your favorite way to broaden your horizons.


The Business Management Senior Capstone Experience

Write a rigorous, detailed analysis of a publicly held firm, develop a business plan that’s investor-ready, conduct primary research, explore a business topic that speaks to you and your passion, all under the close mentorship of dedicated business management faculty.


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