Student written reflection in a studio art course

Art History Academic Requirements

Choose a major with concentration in either Art History or Studio Art, or a minor in Art and Art History

Requirements for the Art and Art History Major

Fulfillment of the major requires ten 4-credit courses (plus the not-for-credit Senior Seminars in Fall and Spring of senior year for studio majors only). All majors are required to take ART 200 and either ART 251 or one of the Intermedia studio courses; both introductory courses are recommended in the first year. Beyond the two introductory-level courses, six additional Art or Art History courses are required. These eight required courses do not include the further requirements described below for each concentration.

Art History Concentration: At least three of the six additional Art or Art History courses referenced above must be 300- or 400-level Art History courses. In addition, students who plan to major in Art and Art History with a concentration in Art History are also required to take another course that is a 400-level art history seminar, as well as the SCE Art History Senior Capstone Experience in Spring of senior year (4 cr). Students concentrating in Art History are also encouraged to develop facility in a foreign language, to participate in the College’s Study Abroad Programs, and to intern in the College’s Kohl Gallery.

Senior Capstone Experience (SCE)

SCE for the Art History Concentration: ​Either a comprehensive examination or, in the case of those who have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher in the major, an art history thesis, or curating an exhibition of works of art or other artifacts. To be considered for honors, the student must present and defend her/his thesis in a public forum. 

Requirements for the Art and Art History Minor

For the minor, students are required to take five courses: Art 200, either Art 251 or any Intermedia studio course, and three additional art and/or art history classes.