Nicole Certesio
Nicole Certesio

Exploring the Community

Nicole  Certesio

Class of 2020 - Newark, DE
After hearing about Washington College at a school fair and visiting the campus, Nicole Certesio felt a strong connection drawing her to explore the community around her. Though she might have felt indecisive at first coming into class, Certesio claims no regrets now, as she felt she had achieved something far more greater than she ever could have imagined at any other school.


When she arrived on the Washington College campus as a potential student, Certesio said that it was the closest bond she had ever formed with any other school she had in mind.

Upon discovering the closeness between departments and the relationships between professors and students, Certesio knew that this was the school for her.

“Washington College was the first school I toured as well as the last [and] there was just something about WC that no other school could live up to,” Certesio said. “I felt comfortable and at home and that was something I didn’t experience at any of the other ten schools I looked at.” Upon arriving at the college, and exploring the Business department the college offered to their students, Certesio instantly became fascinated, and became determined to immerse herself into the field.

“I knew pretty much from day one that I wanted to be a Business Management and Economics double major, but I originally thought I would concentrate my studies in accounting and finance,” Certesio said. “I also became fascinated with how international business worked, leading me to declaring a second minor in International Business.”

Throughout her four years at the school, Certesio knew that she had truly become part of Goose Nation, preparing her to emerge into the world of business as a confident graduate ready to take on whatever obstacles may lie ahead.

“I love that the WC community feels like a family--at times college can be extremely stressful and knowing that you have a support system is valuable for those times,” Certesio said. “I also love being able to get involved in a wide variety of opportunities--opportunities I knew I wouldn’t have had if I attended a large state school.”

Nicole Certesio's Four Year Plan

Year 1

Favorite ClassBUS 330: International Business Experience

Though the class seemed a little ambitious for any other freshman, Certesio was determined to learn everything she could about business as a worldly concept in various places in International Business Experience. The class itself taught Certesio how to view business on familiar terms, but also experience business customs, ethics, and tactics in different places across the globe. “I was not only able to travel to new places but learn about international business by experiencing it first-hand,” Certesio said.

Year 2

Learn by DoingTechnical Analysist Cisco Systems (Austin, Texas)

During the summer of her sophomore year, Certesio spent ten weeks in Austin, Texas interning as a technical analyst for Cisco Systems, spending her time collaborating with a team to monitor system productions, product supplies, and designing a website cataloging their progress. “I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Technical Onboarding and Adoption team and assist on various projects including designing the team webpage during a platform migration, creating product life cycles, and tracking team and product data.”

Year 3

Memorable ExperienceStudy Abroad Trip to Europe

Certesio’s summer of her junior year was packed to the brim with international studies and adventure, as she took a two-week study abroad trip throughout the culturally rich cities of London (England), Dublin (Ireland), and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Throughout her time there, Certesio studied the economies of each city, and how those economic systems will potentially be impacted by the events surrounding Brexit and the separation of the European Union. “During our time abroad, we researched the business of food in sectors such as the wine industry, small scale olive oil production, and even caviar production,” Certesio said. “We discussed regulations and difficulties that each specific country faces both doing business small scale and internationally.”

Year 4

Looking Forward ToWhat Opportunities Await

Certesio is thrilled to go venture off and learn from an entirely new country for her Senior Capstone Project (SCE), planning on heading to Cuba during the winter to conduct numerous studies and interviews for her project, which entails collecting research from the past twenty years and the economic policies between the United States and Cuba. As for deciding what is coming next for her after graduation, Certesio says she’s still trying to find out what exactly she wants to do. “I am still trying to figure out what I want to do after graduation, but I would love to find something similar to my Cisco internship, since I loved it so much,” Certesio said. Despite this, Certesio is prepared for whatever lies ahead--and taking every opportunity she can to make sure she succeeds. “It’s going to be a new chapter and one that I am excited for,” Certesio said.